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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giving up?No way!!

Last night, while hubby and I were having some sort of candlelight dinner and Ava was playing at her big playpen ( her big playpen is a queen mattress which are barricaded  by the L-couch and small cabinet, place right at the centre of the living room.It looks just like a small island surrounding with mountains.;).)
We were seated across the couch and watched  Ava doing her best to stand up. She kept on reaching her hand on the couch seat to support her standing. This practice had been going on for quite some times after she finally mastered her sitting and crawling skill.
The next thing we knew, after so many error attempts, she let go both of her little hand from the couch seat and stand up on her two feet for 2 seconds!
She tried again on the next attempt and this time hubby cannot control his excitement, he clapped his hands to give praises, the little girl who's also getting too excited with the sound of clapping fell down on the mattress just half way she tried to stand up followed up with a big giggle. I bet she knew that she already made it!

Watching Ava everyday  trying her best to crawl, to sit, to stand up, to figure out what happen on her surrounding without ever thinking on giving up makes me realize on something,
"Why do I have to give up on certain things I do in my life, and just let it passed without a closure?"
We always feel want to give up but let's not forget, baby never give up (there is no mistake or error in their vocabulary only baby steps which will bring the walking upright on their own two feet), we should follow their example.
Try to be innocent like a baby who don't understand what is the meaning of giving up and probably one day you / I will realize, that  is a key to become a successfully grown up person. (In life challenging moment think "baby steps" you can never go wrong).

Look mommy, I am surrrfffing......


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