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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another KL Trip..

I have been MIA for weeks!Been busy as a bee taking care of my two precious.
Last month,we took some weeks off from home sweet home to join hubby for his two weeks business trip to KL.The longest trip we ever had so far, away from home.
Taking care of two kids while hubby away for work was not an easy task.Especially when we were staying in a hotel room and the only way to entertain Ava was either to walk at the park or went to the crowded shopping malls.*Thank God for the baby carrier I was able to look after Ava and Aza at the same time with less fuss and constraint*.

Our lil baby girl*which is not so little anymore*had her birthday during our stay there so we decided to give her a little surprise.

Early of the week during our stay at KL Aza was having slightly mild  fever,poor boy.

Ava got a surprise birthday gift from  papa and mama!yeayyy!
Ava most favorite doll, a unicorn horse!My Little Pony.

In the evening,We celebrated Ava's birthday along with our long time besties and our former wedding photographer Anderson and Jennifer.
Here is the video showed the overwhelming Ava when we sang her Happy Birthday.Lol!!
Video courtesy from Anderson Kalang.

and at the end of the evening, papa said a birthday prayer to Ava before she went to sleep.

As for my fitness schedule, I only able to make it for few times just to maintain my fitness level. 

Completed my cardio exercise and 1:30 mins of plank.
Cam-whoring inside the gym aerobic area.

Meeting up with hubby cousin Melvin and Nozie then hang out for the whole day.
This was an exception!I cannot say no to "ulam" vegies served with belacan!!!Thanks Nozie and Inon for cooking delicious home made dishes for us!!Please please come to Miri so that we can makan ramai-ramai macam ni again!!We really had a great time catching up stories and so on!

Ava and Charm-Charm posed for the camera.

Both wearing princess gown.

Back in the hotel,

I can't go inside the bathroom with Aza unless I let him took his "Jacuzzi" bath inside the wash basin,otherwise he would be screaming wanting to go in there.

Aza got so excited everytime playing inside his small jacuzzi.

Aza,"Sister,are you done??My turn next!"

My life saver*same as hubby too*,I can't imagine myself without babywearing gears whenever we are travelling.
This is a Kinderpack Soft Structured Carrier in standard size with red solarveil added on the body panel structured and the hood.

Ava met a new friend from Egypt at the KLCC park, the adorable 2 years old Mariem and I got to know her gorgeous mother,Ayet.

At ISetan kids playroom.I usually went there before lunch hour so basically  it would be only Ava and Aza playing with the toys and not more than 5 kids around.

Aza daily routine in the hotel, secretly vandalize Ava 's toys and she need to re-arrange them again :P.

Mama desperately wanted to watch The Amazing Spiderman*and not patient enuf to wait Flo finished his working hour* so I brought along these two. Aza slept at my back after half of the movie which made me to    stand up till the end of the scene while Ava after had been warned by this mat salleh not to make noise, fell asleep on the chair 15 minutes before the lights on.By the time the movie end, I had to carried both of them out from the cinema.
Lesson  learned, don't bring more than one kids inside cinema unless if there are two person to take care of each or unless if you are watching movie for kids.*We were watching Brave the day before and both kids were so content,which I had a high confident to bring them*but without hubby* again on the next day*which lead me to stress and slight anxiety afterwards*.
*With all the loud fighting scenes and screaming, I was amazed on how they still manage to have some good nap  inside the cinema.(Probably tired of running around at the park before that and ate a huge bowl of popcorn!)*.

Last but not least, KLCC view from our hotel room.
Bye-bye Kuala Lumpur, till the next trip....

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