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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our passionate daughter..

Last night I was not feeling well and having an emotional breakdown so hubby told me to go to sleep early. As usual, Ava always sense my mood whenever I was feeling down... I was about to get ready to sleep when Ava handed me my bolster, tapping on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek and said "good night mama".Then she crept slowly outside the room and not forgotten to close the door.behind her.
Then later this morning Flo told his conversation with Ava last night. 
After she came out from the room she 's asking Flo.
'What happened?"
"Mama is not feeling well,"
Ava,"Owhh...." then gave Flo a big hug knowing that he also must be worried with my sudden change of emotion. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fluffy Mail in da house!

I received a small parcel yesterday:)..

Finally they are here!The crochet hooks with plastic handle! I never thought it would be easier for getting these kind of hooks, luckily I spotted  Amani's post where she's selling them in limited stock.
I am loving the cover handle, no more feeling like grabbing a thin needle when using a smaller hook size.

Upacara perasmian..lol!
I made my first amigurumi with the new hook.It's way comfortable to use with the cover handle especially for long hours crocheting. 

Ta daa..my first heart shape amigurumi!


Somehow I hate to see at the red, green,blue colors heart with pink. I tried to make a rainbow color just like one of my crocheter friend did but it turned out quiet fugly!haha.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The One (Down to Memory Lane..again)

I found an interesting post indeed from one of my blogger friend, Stella.
It's about "My Dream Wedding Gown". Her article posted in a Blog Guest post! Originally created by CathJ.
I'm quiet excited to tag along since it's been awhile I wanna wrote down how I found my Dream Gown for my..ops our wedding!

Before I actually discovered "The One"(after "He's the one", there's another few more "The One"  and it's more difficult to find than the first one and correct me if I'm wrong, this is also every girls dream, second only after the ring,right??  LOL!)
My mother and I had searched high and low to almost nearly all decent Bridal Shops in Kota Kinabalu for the perfect gown.. At last we found some gowns at Paris Bridal and most of them are looking fantastic!I must say I truly love Paris's designer gowns and every time I tried each of them my mum and I would sigh"wow!!wahhhh!Oh sia suka owh yg ni, buli terus book ka?" but my heart still contemplating to choose for "The One"
Then when I came back to Miri, Flo and I continued our quest for our wedding costumes. At that time my heart was already glued at Paris Bridal and never think of changing my decision). Flo reminded me to be open with our decision.  

So after a few bridal shops hoppe, we came upon Essence Bridal. I tried a few rounds of dresses, aimlessly. I guess the owner can read my worries (of not finding "the one". She took out a creamy colored gown, held it up high and  said "This would suit you perfectly," and for that moment, my heart actually stopped for a second.
The owner even taught me how to walk with high heels without accidentally stepping down on the gown.

So here are the gown and the "once a bride herself".:P.
I was and still loving every details of the gown.

Anderson makes a terrific spontaneous snap shot on these pic! Obviously Flo and I were looking too gay..haha (Flo ends up tailored his own wedding suit(Which looks handsomely perfect for him...psst masi ngam lagi ka tu sekarang??hehe )
One of the evening dress which I love love love! It was an empire waist design and looks like a bit of the national Korean costume.
  Our theme for the night is Gold but I wore nothing of Gold except my gold bracelet and necklace.

For those on my facebook, you might realized most of the photos here are similar from my album FB(Just too lazy to search in "my not so systematic folders" inside our pc..hehe.Hmmm I seriously need 
Leo Babauta helps to zen our folders)  

Sunday greeting to all of you. God Bless!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A confession of an addict cloth diaper mama.

Yes, I am a cloth diaper addict and nearly turned into a hardcore, but when it's come to practically during my pregnancy,( I was having a major morning sickness for the first trimester )I started to buy Huggies diapers again.

Then I started again to use cloth diaper on Ava during my 2nd trimester and after the last months of  the 3rd trimester, I opt to use dispos again until these days.
Well it doesn't actually stop me on buying cloth diapers during the whole 9 months.haha. I can't resist to get a few discounted cloth diapers, joining a group buy(which made it cheaper ) . I also received a few diapers from some talented mamas for my baby shower gifts!Thanks to Lisa, Annie and Maybel:)). 

So what actually I wanted to put down here is.. how I felt when I saw one Huggies went inside the dustbin after only an hour use.
I can't actually predict when would Ava going to pass motion so every time I felt the diaper was long enough on her bottom, I would change it even she hasn't poop yet. Then after the next 30 mins, she'd came to me and said,
"Arghhh... but you actually still got 1 to 2 more hours wearing those!"
And there you go, 30 minutes of used Huggies went down to the dustbin..looking wasted.(Yet I am still using disposable for the time being)
Whereas for a cloth diaper, you can re-use it over and over again since it can be wash just like our daily clothes and definitely cloth diaper saved your monthly budget.
(Well,this is only work if you are the frugal cloth diaper mama, 20 pieces of cloth diapers are enough for a kid and just add extra 10 or 20 pieces when you are having 2 kids plus an everyday washing routine)

My verdict,
I still prefer to use cloth diaper for my kids and would be starting all over again after my delivery.And finger crossed by next year Ava would be completely fully potty trained. 

I am not judging those who refused to cloth diaper their bubs since this is an open preference, just like when a mama insist not to breastfeed...it's all about choosing your own option for what is comfortable for you. I believe every mama knows what's the best for their child upbringing.

So here's a few of the newly stash cloth diapers for our newborn.
1st Row : AI2 One Size cloth diaper from Maybel's Closet, AI2 one size Chelory, Super Soaker fitted one size, BRSB fitted one size and a Heartland AI2 one size.
2nd Row : 3 pieces of minky Eli Monster fitted in newborn size.
and the 3rd row: Two crochet wool soakers which I made them myself(I felt proud of them!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another finished project, another hats..:)

It seems I kept on doing the same thing during this month. Well practice makes perfect and thus I am enjoying making these and my skill couldn't be far more improving than the last time.

 Merino + Polyamide  yarns. Suitable for making a good beret hat since it's quite a stretchable yarn.

 Now added with a brim so that it doesn't look like a scrub cover anymore.:)

 So here's the story, I actually plan to add a rose crochet on the beret but according to Flo it looks quiet of a "Carrie Bradshaw" look from the Sex in The City.(More like a drama queen). 
Then I made another flower which was simpler and I actually agreed with Flo after seeing the end product.
 I am loving my big red rose so I would convert it into a corsage!
(The rose didn't permanently attached,thankfully I only used a clip to attach it with the hat)

Despite of my mood swing and tiredness this last few weeks of pregnancy, I manage to make two hats in a week.
A french hat beret which hubby requested and I am glad he loves 'em. It is understandable he still not brave enough to put it on in front of the public.LOL! 

And here's our Ava was dancing while putting on papa's hat.

Friday, August 12, 2011


During this last few months of my pregnancy, I should be really kicking my ass(to get fit) to prevent the unwanted labor pain by next month.Instead, I am spending my time on napping, watching tv and crocheting. By 9 to 10pm I already headed myself to the bedroom and later on the next day, leaving Ava with her toys I sneaked to the bedroom to have a quick nap. When the phone rang , Ava would helped and brought it to me . I just hope there would be some improvement after this week in term of my fitness training. Seriously I don't want to endure another lo......ng labor pain!!and dangg..it's getting hotter and hotter nowadays..Sigh.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Please la, have some manner...

Meet two respectful persons yg lama sudah nda jumpa.
"Waa gemuk sudah ko ooh kan?"
Me,"hmmm ya, bcoz I am pregnant?"
"Banyak jerawat oh di muka ko,"
Me dalam hati,"Muka ko macam itu planet bulan yg berlubang-lubang pun saya nda pernah cakap di depan muka ko,"
"Waa Ava kurus ooh,"
Me in my thought," Weii semua anak2 ko pun macam kerangka, ada hati mo tegur anak orang???"
"Balik2 ni jak ko makan Nut?"
Me, still in my thought,"Again...I am pregnant!"

Seriously this kind of people had no idea what came out from their mouth...
Kalau sia start buka mulut ter-ambik hati juga kan????atau ndada perasaan?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Farewell Gift for Yong and Hagen...

Nine months back they were moving just beside our house(Semi D attached with ours) and now they will be moving to Australia by next week!!!uwaaaaa!!!
Too bad I didn't spend enough time with Yong due to my on off pregnancy thingy.

Anyway I made a farewell gifts for both mom and son, just a simple gift to show how grateful we were to have known such a sweet and helpful friends like Yong and Jerry even it's only a short period of time .

A beanie for handsome Hagen and a pair of glove for Yong. 

To Jerry's family, have a safe journey and embrace the exciting new life that would come upon the three of you and good luck for the future undertaking!!!
Psssttt, we already planning to visit you guys by next year..hehehe.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wrap Lover!

Oh yeah!!I am super excited on wrapping our upcoming newborn with a few type of wraps which I had bought from the beginning I started to baby-wear Ava!
I have tried :
Sleepy wrap
    A stretchy wrap which is perfect for newborn. The downside of it, it can only be use inside air condition room and not supportive enough for toddler.

A gauze wrap.(Gypsy Mama Bali Wrapsody Wrap)

This is a breezy-ezy wrap, if you are living at the warm and hot climate country, this wrap is a bliss to have .

Didymos LE Gradation Wrap in Blue, Green and Yellow color.
This is a 55percent linen and 45 percent cotton wrap which means suppose to be good to wear in warm climate since it had a mix of linen. I haven't really use it because when I have these beauty I just found out  I was already conceiving.So far with a few test drive inside the house and one time to the church, the wrap is just nice to use around and it's sturdy for toddler, even with the Bali Wrapsody was able to support my 11kg toddler.

And a few more Gradation wraps below.(Which are not mine obviously, I only load these to fest my eyes and drool them over!) 

The images above were taken from Tsumiko facebook photo album.

A gradation wrap is a dyed wrap from various kind of dyed colors(according to a person preference). You can either get a custom slot from Tsumiko or DIY(do it yourself ).
I would say that this is a method of work of art!Look at those pictures, you can just make a variety of colors from a boring look wrap and turn it into a magnificent awesome wrap !
A few mamas were able to get their dream Grad(and some are lucky to get into a custom slot order or found their dream Grad at the BabyWearer forum- FSOT)

My current ISO(In Search Of) had been answered but not sure what to expect when it arrive.It's a mixed of pinkish and purple color . I just hope I would be getting "what you see is what you get" just like the exact pictures which the owner has posted.(Again, thanks to a dear friend who helped me to find it:))
Well folks this is all about me on being an addictive babywearing mama who always wish to have a few more beautiful baby carriers...
We actually only need to have at least one wrap for a newborn since newborn baby loves to have the feeling of cocooning /swaddling(just like the feeling when they 're still inside their mama's womb).

The main point why we need to babywearing our baby with a proper and good workmanship of babywearing gear are:
1. To Create a close bond between the parents and the baby.
2. Easier for discreet breastfeeding.(Either with pouch, ringsling or wrap).
3. Easier for the wearer to hands free on both hands.
4. The baby get to see the world without feeling scared since she is wrapped safely around her parent's body and feeling comfortable and  secure  with the mother/father smell and their body temperature. 
5. Baby is less crying and less colic.
6. It's a fashion statement;).

As you all know newborn is meant to be front carry but after a few weeks in their life it should be no problem to carry them with back carry method.(but only when you are confident enough to carry them at your back)
These are some methods how to do a back carry with a small baby, at least for a six weeks years old baby.

Tibetan style

Double Hammock 

I would be wrapping our newborn as much as I can before she/he is getting heavier or probably will be wrapping even she/he is reaching 1 years old. Their baby years only comes once in a lifetime so this is the time when you are able to carry them with a fulfilling love and some love bonding which cannot be describe with words.

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