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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fluffy Mail in da house!

I received a small parcel yesterday:)..

Finally they are here!The crochet hooks with plastic handle! I never thought it would be easier for getting these kind of hooks, luckily I spotted  Amani's post where she's selling them in limited stock.
I am loving the cover handle, no more feeling like grabbing a thin needle when using a smaller hook size.

Upacara perasmian..lol!
I made my first amigurumi with the new hook.It's way comfortable to use with the cover handle especially for long hours crocheting. 

Ta daa..my first heart shape amigurumi!


Somehow I hate to see at the red, green,blue colors heart with pink. I tried to make a rainbow color just like one of my crocheter friend did but it turned out quiet fugly!haha.


amani said...

glad that the hooks arrived safely~
thanks for buying from me..

happy crocheting!!

p/s: your heart amigurumis are cute:-)

Sheena said...

Thanks Amani for the prompt delivery!Love the hooks very much!
and Thanks for the compliment:))

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..kiut..ko pandai pula kait-mengait ni..mau belajar oh nnti :D

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