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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other thingy.....

Yea...I watched this, infact I have all the Barbie's collection dvd cartoons!!!!
One of the photos hubby punya graduation...the strange thing was he didn't have any photos from studio..behind that my so called tabung, bukan apa..sia suka dengar bunyi ka-ching if i inserted coins from the little hole....syiok and weird...

Sigh...I don't really use these couch anymore which I bought from KL..the colour is too bright and as if you wanna make a statement to others.."Hey people, look at me!!!"Ends up it become as one of the decor in the house ..duhhh.

Since I am not working, I actually got times to read this books but until now, I don't even finish read half of it..i.e "First Time Mom", I still only read chapter 1, 2 and 3..I kept on repeating reading the same chapters to make sure I'm not missing a thing in how to raise a firstborn baby...by chapter 4 is already in The First Year so maybe I could save that part in a few months more..hehehe..

My pregnant pumps....I wish there're more choices in colours but they only got black and dull brown colour...I bought this before I got pregnant at Kuching..macam tau2 saja oh kan..no la, it's bcoz it's very comfy dopey to wear and it doesn't matter if you re pregnant or not, people's not goin to tell.."hey, u're wearing pregnant's pumps"...It's really worth to buy, I can stand up quiet long when wearing this pumps..hopefully I still can get to wear these until my final months of pregnancy..they said we have to change our shoe size after final trimester bcoz of the water retention flowing all over your body...at least now i still can fit mine.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Real Parents vs circus trainier/zookeeper.

Ok...How do I begin this, I start with a true story first...
I went to a friend house, Once I arrived there the kids were happy to see me and my friend (Kanchiong) usual gave me lots of food to eat ( whater i am pregnant or not, or whater i m not hungry or hungry, she kept pushing me to eat)..thanks friend for being "too friendly".
One of her daughter (9 years old) told me about her little sista Mimi.."Auntie ko tau ka si Mimi belum pandai baca lagi". I answered, "it's ok bah, dia mac tadika lagi, mac banyak peluang lagi tu dia belajar membaca"..Kanchiong came in from the kitchen and sighed "Kalo dia tidak pandai baca lagi sampai darjah satu, mo kena kac tution sudah tu", I was shocked!!! Apa??baru tahun satu ko mo kac tution si Mimi sudah? ya ampun!!!, she's barely 6, poor little girl.. If there is anything she needs more is PLAY, not to go tuiton like her elldest sister which is taking her PMR this year. Cukup2 la you pushed your eldest daughter to must have all A in her coming PMR (hope she dont go KOOKOO) but to subject your 6 years old girl in a tution class, that will be outrageous!!! Hey aren't you a teacher miss Kanchiong, why don't you teach Mimi urself! takkan la you don't have time teaching your own daughter kan?? Or are you like most of malaysian teacher i know... they are just in for the money but can not really teach? Let me see Mis Kanchiong, a teacher by profession but not confident to give coaching/ teaching to her own children... isn't that obvious.. As a teacher if you have no confidence to teach your own kids why should we let you teach our kids. Think about it Miss Kanchiong... I can consider lah if your kids need special tution in rocket science or some other pecular subject. But if you are a teacher by profession and you can even teach your 6 year old simple reading or maths... I think the case is clear.... Please dont do experiment on other people kids... Sorry Mis Kanchiong you are my friend but you go too far on this...

Looking at Mimi i see nothing wrong with her, she's very bright, talkative and very engaged with her surrounding. She is just a normal kids, curious about things which is of interest to her etc... Why on earth you want her to go tuition?Are you trying to destroy her childhood? In fact your eldest daughter pun seems to lost her real character already bcoz to much expectation in getting 7 A's. She have lost her passion and what is it that she wants.. she is like a robot i.e. if you say exam is important she say exam is important... I am wondering have you ever ask her what she want to do before you force fed to her all of this personal goal of yours. Mis Kanchiong look deep in your child and see them for who they really are and stop projecting your self on them, they are not you, they are unique individual, they need to be respected not to be brainwashed or pushed around.
I am wondering, is this the kind of development many parent nowadays really want their child to have? Only tu fullfilling parents needs which the word "Mesti" semua anak-anak saya dapat straight A in UPSR, PMR and SPM" instead of looking their childs unique ability? Dapat straight A semua pun it's not a license for the kids to have a happy & fullfill life in the future...

I speak of this based on my personal bitter struggle. I struggle to keep this expectation from the day I was born until recently... But now I am free... I just delete the all scripting, the old useless programme from my past and build a new script... I am my own parents now...I have to teach and console myself ... I am allowing myself now to accept who I am and be happy and fullfill just as I am. Before I was formed in my mothers womb God knows me (every material /bones of my physical), He alone know the depth of my heart and as He said to my forefathers He said it to me when i was created - "it is very GOOD" He said I am precious in His eyes...who are "this people" to judge me and say that i need to do this and that before i should know that i am good and degrade me....As Parents they should know that their role is not to condemd me but to channel God's unconditional love, not to force me to be something but to let me grow to my own unique potential.

After I saw my friends children's situation, I feel as if my haunted past is coming back to get me!!! Ahhhhhggggg!!!this is the one thing which kept me in depression for all this year (i dont even know that i was in depression all this year)!! I cannot figure out who I am bcoz my parents always trying to create me as a different person all this time! Mum and Dad, don't get me wrong, I don't hate both of you, I understand during my up bringing, u both wanted to give the best for me but it turns out otherwise. Did you know what I went through???.. why u dont know???... are you so busy with your career , or too obsesed with the ME in your mind... If you just let me be me and just love me for who I am do you think that would harm me? Would loving me harm me? Am I a threat to myself that you have to change me? Am I hopeless that you have to do everthing for me, to decide everthing for me? Am I not your daughter, a human person , living being, your sister in Christ, why dont you trust me, why don't you trust God who is my provider.

Parents nowadays have to reconsider back on how to bringing up children in this new era...ini bukan tahun 90 -an lagi which parents those day mac lagi ikut their parents( our grandparents) technic in how to raise a child...to be continue..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To much stressed in everyday life?

Lighten Your Load
As I noted in the recent article The Joy of Solving Problems, I like to view life's problems as growth challenges rather than as obstacles. Problems don't pop up in your life to beat you down. Their purpose is to help you grow stronger.
Despite the beneficial nature of problem-solving, there may come a point where you feel so overwhelmed with problems that you begin developing learned helplessness. You feel like you're drowning in difficulties, and you can't see a way out.
This means that the weights in your life are too heavy for you to lift. It's like going to the gym and trying to lift a 300-lb barbell. It just won't budge, so you feel powerless and stuck. The solution is that you must reduce the weight.
Even when most of the individual problems in your life are small, the sheer volume of them can become overwhelming. Hence the expression, death by a thousand cuts.
When you feel overwhelmed, you must find ways to lighten your load. You need to dump some of your burdens until you're facing a situation you can reasonably handle.
If you ever find yourself in such a situation, here are some practical ideas for lightening your load:
1. Capture and prioritize.
Make a list of all the problems, challenges, and activities that are currently on your plate. Then sort them into three sublists: (A) must do, (B) should do, and (C) nice to do. The simple act of writing things down and prioritizing them can be a real stress reliever since it helps to clarify that not everything is urgent. Give yourself permission to attend only to the items on your A-list for a while, allowing your B- and C-lists to slide until you feel caught up.
2. Cancel commitments.
If you're feeling over-committed, see if you can pull back from any commitments that aren't essential. I'm not suggesting that you break your promises to others, but it's reasonable to renegotiate stress-inducing over-commitments when possible. Look at your calendar, and drop or cancel the non-essential items.
3. Accept no new commitments.
When you're feeling overloaded, do your best not to add new items to your plate. Learn to say "no" liberally. Give yourself time to work through your existing challenges before you think about taking on new ones. A polite way of turning people down is to simply say, "I appreciate the offer. I'm currently over-committed though, so I must decline. I hope you understand." I find that people are generally very understanding when you decline their requests in this manner.
4. Postpone.
Pace yourself by spreading new commitments over a longer period of time. When my plate gets too full, I sometimes designate a commitment blackout period. I don't want to miss good opportunities, but I can't keep adding items to an already-full plate. When someone makes a request of me, I only say yes on the condition that we proceed after a certain date, not immediately.
5. Declutter.
Clearing out clutter can be a great stress reliever. Last weekend my family and I reorganized much of our home and garage, including eliminating a lot of accumulated clutter. Afterwards I felt lighter and ready to take on new projects. Every time I look at the garage, I feel relaxed instead of being reminded of all the things that I have yet to handle. At the very least, get all visual clutter out of your field of view. Better to have a messy closet that you can forget about for a while than a messy desk that distracts you multiple times per day.
6. Request help.
You don't have to go it alone. Ask someone to help you. When I feel overwhelmed, I often ask Erin if she can take on a few items from my to-do list. Then I might thank her with a nice massage when my schedule is lighter.
7. Batch small items.
If you batch up several small items together and do them all in a row, you may feel significantly lighter afterwards. Batch up all your errands and do them all at once. Process all your emails, phone calls, and other correspondence together. When you get some of the small items off your plate, you'll feel more capable of tackling the bigger ones.
8. Exercise.
Exercise helps to boost your metabolism, so you feel more energetic throughout the day. Even though this adds something to your plate, the benefits more than make up for the extra time. Exercise also combats stress and serves as a potent mood enhancer.
9. Reduce interruptions.
Tell others not to interrupt you during certain times, so you can free up blocks of time for catching up on your to-do items. As I mentioned in the article Productivity 101, I post a special sticky note on my door to warn others not to interrupt me when I'm writing and need to concentrate.
10. Renew.
Take time for personal renewal. Read an uplifting book. Take a hot bath. Meditate. Listen to audio programs. Go for a walk. Clear your mind and focus on restoring your energy, so you can come back to tackle life's challenges with renewed strength.
Real life can throw a lot at you sometimes. In those situations it's important to practice good time management, but it's even more important that you manage your energy and attitude to avoid burning out or feeling helpless. Even if you do feel burned out, all is not lost. If you can lighten your load a little, you'll find that the weight you must lift no longer seems so heavy and daunting. Soon your attitude will shift from "I hate this" to "I can do this."

Taken from the website of www.StevePavlina.com

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Embarrassing!!!!

A new survey reveals our Top 10 most awkward social situations.
1. Wardrobe malfunctions - Zips left undone; tucking skirt into underwear. ( My sister used to undo my skirt's zip during church mass without I realized it but I managed to grab my skirt before it slide down to the bottom and I was crying with embarrassment. It was 13 years ago)
2. Lost for words - Having no response in conversation; forgetting someone's
name. ( I always had trouble with remembering ppl's name and called them with a wrong name, ops!)
3. Mistaken baby bump - Congratulating someone one pregnancy when they're
not pregnant ( watchout! think before you speak);
offering a woman a seat, assuming she is pregnant
when she's isn't.
4. Romantic mishap - Seeing one's ex with a new partner; saying " I love You".
5. Looking foolish - Making an innappropriate joke. ( hahaha, I've been there!)
6. Nigel no-friends - Having someone turn their back on you or even worse
no-one talking to you at a party.
7. Embarrassment by proxy - Your partner acting stupidly in public; the
drunken behaviour of friends.
8. Dating disaster - Awkward silences on a first date; spilling food and drink on
a partner.
(Once at a CNY dinner with fiancee friends and being 1st
time meeting all of them and still feeling awkward. The food looked nice especially the fried chicken. I picked a piece of fried chicken using chopstick and it dropped in the middle of the table and everyone was looking at me, I felt so embarrassed and the time seem stopped for a few
seconds! but I guess it had break the ice among me and his friends and I had a great time after that!)
9. Caught out - Making an excuse for not going somewhere then being caught in the lie ; being overheard by the person you're gossiping about.
10. Clumsy catastrophes - Slipping over when attempting to get up after tripping; dropping food on your chest while eating.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sir Ken Robinson : Do School Kill Creativity?


Teacher should fill up students activities with creativity stuffs instead of giving them loads of homework which only usefull during exams but not in every day life...
It is so pity that most teachers nowadays put a lot of works and expectation on students to only fullfill the school records on being who's got the most high rate in UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM grades...

You should watch this video..


Please go to this link and watch this video:
So, please finish up your food, and before you throw it away, think of others... they may not be so fortunate like us...

Alasan jak....

I was stressed all the time bcoz of the hot weather and makes me even crankier and lazier each day..when the weather is not tolerance with me then I cannot concentrate on what I need to do, I try to stay only in a dark room to stay cool but it made me headaches, I don't have a mood to watch tv and surfing, in fact I really don't have energy to do everything.(sighs) Is it me or the weather to be blame for all the works which i still not doing yet, during this time, I suppose to learn the baby song lyrics from the cd and study the peek a boo games( bcoz after delivery you will never have a time to learn it while holding ur child, it's not like a cook recipes that you can keep on looking at the instruction from the book)..oh gezz, our closet also need to be re-coordinated again..too much unused clothes, hubby and I is getting bigger each day so bikin sakit hati saja tingu baju2 yang cannot fit sudah..(sigh)tho hubby's try to get fit again by attending Tai chi classes and do some gardening. And I need to do some readings..the air conditioner doesn't help either, i need a natural air to keep me survive. I wish there'll be rain in one of these days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kelly at Miri....

Phewitt, Kiki and Kelly....oh no, do ignore the pregger at the back.

Maddy and Matt, the insperable...

We went to beach and buat aksi lumpat2....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am back with my previous obssession!!!Drawing!! The last time I went thru this obssession was during my form 5 years..friends bz with studies and I m obsessed with sketching tough during that time got no basic in drawing.

( This is not my painting, it's only references, mine not yet finished..:))

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gosh!!!!Kalo sudah pengotor dari awal, sudah ada anak pun tidak pandai jaga kebersihan!!!!

Cute Maddy did another fantastic job...very sweet..& Buddy gave us a few of his manja pose..hahaha.

I've been puking all over again this morning after bfast at some of the warung near our house...gosh if it's not bcoz of the messy and smelly toddler beside my table maybe I didn't throw up. Just as I sat in the warung I saw this toddler which was not really properly taken care by his mother, he got food and saliva all over his mouth and i started to have my gag reflex..one thing I noticed during my pregnancy, i cannot really tolerate with this kind of situation..especially when it come to cleanliness, there're few time already I threw up bcoz cannot stand the smell or looking at something dirty....paling bikin geram, sudah la the mother tidak peduli his messy son, the nanny also kac biar saja until the last minute which the boy sudah terkencing baru kelam kabut went to toilet..EWWWW!!!!! and I tried to stay calm even tough baby inside me oredi keep on kicking hard like tried to tell me "Mummy let's get out of here fast!!!"..even the mee kolok in front of me, when I looked at it, I just want to puke...I really can't help to feel very unpleasant..I blamed the unresponsible mother for that!!!!! I am soooooooooo %^&%#@@@@@!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The clouds covered the blue sky on top of our roof house..just as i climbed out from the car i saw these view and thought it's a beauty...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The weekend

Nothing much happened..I've got a mild depression the whole day yesterday..probably because of the hot weather and my weak physical strengh.even small thing pun buli nangis..haiyaa....I hardly cannot walk properly and felt there's a big watermelon I 've to carry everyday..hang on there, nda sampai 3 bulan lagi. The baby strengh become stronger everyday and I felt hotter each day...macam mo pakai bikini saja kalo keluar dari rumah, Miri punya heat pun bikin panas kalo siang. Luckily today my prayer had been answered, hujan during Easter day and I don't get cranky during the mass coz banyak angin!!!hehehehe..the only thing is ndada sudah tempat parking , we had to walk a few block to go to church, parking sanaaaaaaa depan Lorenzo!!!Geram juga coz kena limpas jalan lagi, sudah la sia alah sama bau ekzos kereta and etc.Kalo nda pregnant nda juga la sia jadi hantu tadi time on the way walking to the church, luckily sampai church bagus sudah balik mood.Pelik oh..I oredi reached 6 months but still got nausea....geram oh sia!!!!!!!! On the way balik rumah, the rain became very heavy until evening...

Friday, April 10, 2009


Awal pagi sudah Flo brought me to go strolling around the neighbourhood...panat nda pa la tapi punya main panas..Bumble as if he knew that we wanted to go out when he saw us picked our sneaker terus balik2 bising tia sabar mo keluar dari pagar and kept on moving towards us suruh kami keluar cepat2 dari rumah.
Saja mo kac kena Bumble, singaja2 lagi lambat keluar n ordered him to sit down, he's looked at me macam mo gigit sia saja tapi at last ikut juga la arahan..hahaha. Then after that baru buka pagar rumah, punya dia happy keluar tapi he kept on groaning bcoz skang Flo lagi lambat jalan, mac lagi sibuk siram bunga..hahaha..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby's lulla-Bilble

Sleep in Peace
Psalm 4 :8
I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O lord, make me dwell in safety..

Maddy's creation

These are among our little young Maddy's( cousin) creations..very lovely and colourfull...
Abang and kakak miss u Maddy...see u during Easter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice one...

"Kalo la manyak duit buli buat maciam2 dalam rumah"...prefer to spend money to decorate a house than travelling..well I am not really a travel goer....

My unfinished sketch...it's been nearly two weeks i didn't touch it....

Aiyaaa sia malas ooo mo buat sketching!!!!!!!



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