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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other thingy.....

Yea...I watched this, infact I have all the Barbie's collection dvd cartoons!!!!
One of the photos hubby punya graduation...the strange thing was he didn't have any photos from studio..behind that my so called tabung, bukan apa..sia suka dengar bunyi ka-ching if i inserted coins from the little hole....syiok and weird...

Sigh...I don't really use these couch anymore which I bought from KL..the colour is too bright and as if you wanna make a statement to others.."Hey people, look at me!!!"Ends up it become as one of the decor in the house ..duhhh.

Since I am not working, I actually got times to read this books but until now, I don't even finish read half of it..i.e "First Time Mom", I still only read chapter 1, 2 and 3..I kept on repeating reading the same chapters to make sure I'm not missing a thing in how to raise a firstborn baby...by chapter 4 is already in The First Year so maybe I could save that part in a few months more..hehehe..

My pregnant pumps....I wish there're more choices in colours but they only got black and dull brown colour...I bought this before I got pregnant at Kuching..macam tau2 saja oh kan..no la, it's bcoz it's very comfy dopey to wear and it doesn't matter if you re pregnant or not, people's not goin to tell.."hey, u're wearing pregnant's pumps"...It's really worth to buy, I can stand up quiet long when wearing this pumps..hopefully I still can get to wear these until my final months of pregnancy..they said we have to change our shoe size after final trimester bcoz of the water retention flowing all over your body...at least now i still can fit mine.


Mrs. Ezman said...

nunut..kasi pinjam sa DVD barbie ko... hehe

Sheena said...

Buli bah..datang la p cni!!!hehehe..

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