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Monday, May 4, 2009

Craving Craziness!!!!

I've been craving for coconut since early this morning ( it's actually on Friday )..and it's been very upsetting when you can't have it!!!!
Hubby and I went for dinner and expecting the restaurant still have the coconut pandan...when it's time to order. the waiter tols us there were no more coconuts, so was the midin vegies which i wanted it to be cooked with belacan. I was sooooooo upset and tears start rolling on my cheeks...nah kan nda tau malu bah sudah..then I ordered coconut drink from the tin also they didn't have..tambah2 lagi la sia sakit hati...the waitress tried to suggest me to order other drinks but I STILL WANT A COCONUT....nasib la juga ada tu ikan bakar masak belacan.at least hantu si anda keluar...during eating time I was getting even cranckier....sakit butt la, cannot stand asap rokok la, smelly la..Flo kept on quiet n layan jak la bini dia mengarut sana sini...but then ntah macamana both of us end up laughing..panat juga bah kalo terus marah2..
After the dinner, to satisfy my craving, we went to the malay warung and ordered two big coconut....waaa punya main sadap....after that nite, we've been driving around the city to buy coconuts and watermelon...just in case I suddenly crave those on 2 a.m.....

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