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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Duo Print Action pixz!

The pix doesn't do the justice. The crotch area is not as bulky as the pix might have seen.  
(The AI2)
A really good fit  even on chubby thigh baby like my gal and the color of the rainbow print is striking hot!

This is the fitted at 13 layers(Require a diaper cover) of absorbent material. I love how Lisa mix and match with matching color of snaps!  
cute bum bum!!
 Both of the diapers comes in with sewn in stay dry layer(on top of the front soaker).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Loving It!!La la la.......

A parcel from Lisa arrived at my doorstep yesterday!!

A duo Flowery Dots fitted and a Duo Rainbow CupCakes AI2!! And a velour bamboo wipes as  a complimentary from Lisa.

Back view on the AI2 diaper. (12 layers of heavy bamboo)

Back view on the fitted diaper. (13 layers of heavy bamboo)

The inner side of the fitted( I love pink bamboo velour!)..pix of the AI2 inner a bit blur so I didn't place the pix but both inner are quite similar.

I will be posting action pix on my girl after the dipes all dry up!!:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Q&A on diapering experiences

I found this Q & A about cloth diapering are simply irresistible to ignore. So these are my best answer solely based my personal experiences.

1.What type of diaper do you use the most?

all-in- one? fitted? pocket?


2.Most Daddy friendly diaper?

Baby Kanga One sized pocket diaper.
( Amongs all the diaper in the drawer hubby prefer Baby Kanga)

3.Best All In 2 Diaper?

Itti Bitti and GroVia

4. Most affordable diaper?

Autumnz, QQBaby, Bamboolite and Bumwear.

5.Best value diaper?


6.Best diaper under RM70?

Bamboolite and Autumnz.

7.I prefer...

One Sized Diaper.

8. Best snap diaper?

My opinion is, all snaps for different brand of diaper is just the same.

9. Best velcro/aplix diaper?

Happy Heinys.

10.Best pocket diaper inserts?

BumGenius and Romparooz

11.Best Swim Diaper?

Haven't encounter with any of these..Any suggestion?

12. Best side snapping diaper?

I only encountered the Baby Beehind Petite and the durability of the snap is quite good.

13. Best front snapping diaper?

I would go for the WAHM diaper. (Usually there would be three snaps to prevent the wing drop)

14. Favorite girl diaper?

WAHM diaper makes adorable girlish print!

15. Favorite boy diaper?

If I happen to have a baby boy in the future, I would stash up BumGenius, Romparooz, Bumwear, Antsy Pants and Fitted (which got various kind of brand).

16. Best place for cloth diapering support?

DiaperAsia Forum.

17. Best cloth diapering blog?( unaffiliated to a diaper brand)

Farrah's Blog.

Sharine's Blog.

18.Best cloth diapering blog? from a maker or retailer (within Malaysia)

Joanne's Blog

Bonnie's Blog.

Tiny Tapir's Blog.

19. Best place for custom orders?

For United States Hynecart and Etsy..(various wahmers from this sites are very talented in making a custom order for dipes, wipes and wool longies/soaker). In Malaysia : I only familiar with one and ordered a few dipes from her. Lisa!!

20.Best diaper bag for cloth diapering mamas?

                                             Pigeon diaper bag serves us good for all this time.

21.Best cloth mama pads?


22.If I could only have one diaper make up my entire stash,

It would be Fleece Diaper ( It can be consider waterproof yet breathable)

23.How do you store your diapers?

Modular drawers.

(Attention for mamas out there, you don't need this much of cloth diapers.
Some people likes to collect designer shoes, bags, dresses and so on, for me I love to collect all sort diapers design!!:)We only need 18 to 20 pieces of cloth diapers in order for them to be use enough for 2 days rotation and a few extra. But one can never have enough for rainy days :-p )

24.How did you convince day care to cloth diaper?

I am a stay at home mother therefore I don't have to convince anyone.

25.Best pail liners?

I only use these....

26. How do you keep your pail fresh?

By using charcoal.(It absorb the smell away leaving only natural fresh scent)

27.Best wool wash?

Lanacare is the best I try so far..

                                                            2 in 1, Lanolin and Wool Wash.

28.How do you stop night time leaks?

I only used fitted with wool for night time diaper and so far I haven't encounter any leak except when it's time for the wool need to be lanolize.

29. Single piece of advice for a new mom?

It's true……. by using cloth diaper you need to wash it everytime, need to remove the stinky poop out from the diaper.

As for me I don't see any of the above will stop me from cloth diapering my kid because its simply :
a. Environmentally friendly (chemical free).
b.Economical .
c.It just feels natural:).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan......

These last few weeks Miri town had been raining cats and dogs so it's impossible for the laundry to get dry in less than one day..( Unless if you have a drier, how I wish I have one!).
So the other day I was talking with Flo(hubby) jokingly.

" Ko tau nasib saya beli cloth diapers more than enough for Ava , otherwise, we need to use disposable diaper sudah sekarang. As I am saying, " Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan ."
" Your stash bukan lagi Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan tapi Sediakan Kem Sebelum Hujan."as Flo raised his eyebrows...
 I rest my case.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All About Zoey.....

18th July marked the date when Zoey turned 1 year old!!!
We had a small gathering to celebrate Zoey's birthday and here are the pixs to tell the story...

Ava ,"hmmmm.... Should I press this button?"
Zoey, " Oh oh need to stay posh in front of the camera,"

Zoey: " Ava, let me show you how to play my colorful piano, hmmm this is do, re....mi?Right mummy?"
Ava : "Please don't mind me, this stick looks like roasted chicken drumstick, Zoey do you mind if i take a bite?"

"Mummy why do I have to take my lunch first?..but Ava and Zoey has start playing already"

Yum-yum. My name is Damian & I lurve my lunch. 

My girl was half naked!!!She was sweating a lot and we need to do frequent changing. Plus she was showing her Eli Monster fitted diaper.hehe

The cute and adorable Zoey..

Okay let me read you Dr Seuss Book.
Mr Brown is so smart he can make the sound of a cow. He can go moo moo...

I am not a baby anymore..I am a toddler!!!

"And this is where the bad giant octopus hide himself from Ultraman after he lose his power...the end."
This photo was kind of blur, I cannot help but to post it because I love to see the happy and exited faces of both parent!!

The yummy birthday cake from Secret Recipe..seriously these prune cake is very addictive...

Zoey really knows how to pose in front of the camera.

Where are all the cherries? 
hahhaha...Now you see it, now you don't. 

"Zoey are we going to play in the pool for your birthday?"
Ava sitting comfortably on Zoey's baby-san
Now its Reixin turn to try Zoey's float and her baby-san
"Look eyes to the right and tongue to the left"

Happy Birthday Zoey!!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me.......

"Happy Birthday To Myself".

"The refusal of acceptance and the absence of self-esteem, make us alienate ourselves. Being at one with ourselves is the core of a healthy life. They who do not accept this, become envious, jealous, imitators, ultra-competitive , destructive. Be accepted, accept that you are accepted, accept the criticism . It is wisdom, good sense of therapy...."  

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!xoxo......

Friday, July 16, 2010

Trip to Lambir National Park

Few months back, my hubby's mother, sister and brother in law and Kelly(cousin in law)were visiting  us for holiday.
During their stay, we managed to squeeze a a trip to Lambir National Park which hubby couldn't make it due to pressing matter in the office. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up with them for the trip because the hike from the entrance to the waterfall takes about 30 minutes. Just to put things in perspective, I would need to carry Ava through the hilly tracks, on foot. Thought is running in my mind, I am worried sick whether I would able to do it .
Hubby assured me I will be okay. Furthermore mummy, Ipo, Pausin and Kelly are around whenever  I need some help.
Besides this sounds like a good opportunity to test drive my Patapum SSC. Whether it's durable for long time walking I would know by then.
The trip turns out to be a fun and exciting one, the four of them really enjoyed it. This is the first time they went to Lambir.  I have been there for a few times and my last trip before this was when I was 8 months preggy. Hubby was jokingly telling me that if I happened to accidentally delivered in the woods, we would have named our baby by "Ava Lambir Jipiu.."lol!!!

Mummy was posing at one of the bridges.
I was walking behind very carefully, watching on  my every step. Ava's safety is always first. I was afraid my feet would got stuck on the root or I would trip and fall on the slippery path.

We made a few stop to learn something about the trees in Lambir. Strange enough I never pay attention to the name board all this while coming to Lambir. This particular one was  really caught our attention. It signed, "Peler Kambing Tara Manang" ..Ipo and I cannot  help but laugh our heart out (U would need to imagine somebody speaking with a Mamak Slang for it to be funny). I shall not do any literal translation for the above as it contain 18SX element hehehe. 

Mummy was very funny cos she keep on warning us not to laugh whatever we see strange things in the woods including the above "Peler Kambing" and she was always asking permission from the "local resident" overtime we cross bridges!!! 
 When I reached home I thought I would be down with aching back, shoulder and other muscles. Imagine I was literally walking scaling this hilly tracks with Ava mounted on my back , the to and fro is roughly 1-1/2 hours. Surprise, surprise and a big thank to this Patapum SSC, I only felt a slight sore on my shoulders. The Patapum SSC indeed did an excellent job. (5 Stars rating from me, tried and tested.)

We were putting our Geography/Geology cap when we come across the above site. Everyone came up with different theories about how &why the above pot-holes on the floor. Some of them was logical to accept while some of the theory made us questioned ,"Are you sure you didn't skipped the Geography class when you were at school ?"

Ava was busy looking up to the trees until she missed the mat salleh kids who passed us by. Only when they were a few yards behind us then she noticed them and screaming with excitement looking at them. She spin her body to check  on them and  both of us nearly fall to the ground!!I didn't expect she would turned to her back with such strength!
At last, we arrived at the Waterfall!!

I brought my pouch along so easy for me to bring  Ava in and out.

Don't get the picture wrong!! I didn't put her in the water...I was letting her hands to touch the fresh and cooling  river water..She was excited and wanted to get inside the water. Not to make her feeling disappointed, I let her feet waddling in the water and it's enough to make her screaming  in delight!!! 

 A nice pose from all of us....oh Ipo was behind the camera...

These two ladies really have  a lot of energy on their hand!!
I had so much fun with both of you!!

Ipo asked us to look for  a tree and do a pose..I can only do a straight standing pose since I was tired already. Mummy was sporting ooh..she even sang a song( which I never heard her singing before!!) through walking out from the jungle....
Pausin..what can I say...lol!!!
Pausin's Mrs also tidak kalah with pose..Phewitttt!!!!

The Malaysian Next Top Model? What do you say..;).....

At last we reached at the reception  counter. Ava had fall asleep while enjoying looking at the trees and butterflies and chewing her teether through the whole journey.

Kelly, " Macam ni ka ni mo pasang?"
"Ngam la tu Kelly, pandai sudah ko guna tu."

Back at home, Kelly and Ava were enjoying aunty and niece bonding with the ring sling BabyLoft!!!

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