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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Loving It!!La la la.......

A parcel from Lisa arrived at my doorstep yesterday!!

A duo Flowery Dots fitted and a Duo Rainbow CupCakes AI2!! And a velour bamboo wipes as  a complimentary from Lisa.

Back view on the AI2 diaper. (12 layers of heavy bamboo)

Back view on the fitted diaper. (13 layers of heavy bamboo)

The inner side of the fitted( I love pink bamboo velour!)..pix of the AI2 inner a bit blur so I didn't place the pix but both inner are quite similar.

I will be posting action pix on my girl after the dipes all dry up!!:)


Anonymous said...

How much is it? CUTE!! I'm always in for locally made stuff. She selling anymore?? Nice!!

Sheena said...

Anas, yes she's now ready to take orders...so far if I m not mistaken 3 to 5 mommies now in line after I placed this pixs at the forum!!

lisa said...

sheena... hehehe i like this entry LOL ...btw the above pic is alova suede dear... bamboo velour should be the lighter pink one :)

Sheena said...

Oh ok! thanks dear for helping me to clarify them!!:)

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