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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Duo Print Action pixz!

The pix doesn't do the justice. The crotch area is not as bulky as the pix might have seen.  
(The AI2)
A really good fit  even on chubby thigh baby like my gal and the color of the rainbow print is striking hot!

This is the fitted at 13 layers(Require a diaper cover) of absorbent material. I love how Lisa mix and match with matching color of snaps!  
cute bum bum!!
 Both of the diapers comes in with sewn in stay dry layer(on top of the front soaker).


ImelCJ said...

oohh lala....what a sexy butt u got Ava...! :)

Sheena said...


lisa said...

cuteee!! hehehe :)

lisa said...

sheena my blogshop up already pls visit
www.mamasewbulous.blogspot.com hehe

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