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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rei Xin Turned "One"!!

On the 2nd July last week , Rei Xin followed Ava in turning One years old!! How time flies very fast!!Zoey will be next on the 18th July...

Happy Birthday dear Rei Xin...

Rei Xin really know how to entertain her two friends by letting them play her toys.

Rei Xin : "Psst, I heard both of our mummy planning to attend Yoga classes by next week, do you think our daddy can take are of us by then"? 
Ava : "Yep, daddy will be taking me at the toy store while waiting mummy finishes her Yoga. I need more ball to play..."
If you can guess, what is a name of this animal toy?

"Yeah I am a Cowgirl,EEE...Haaaaa!!"
Sweet Zoey...

I bet the ears taste delicious.. ]

Rei Xin on her Bum Genius diaper...
Rei Xin : "Where 's Ava"?
Zoey : "Last time I checked, she was still busy riding on your donkey, errr or is that a horse?"

Zoey : " Yep yep, she still on your horse...or donkey,"
Rei Xin : "(Sigh) I keep on waiting for my turn since 30 mins ago.."

Rei Xin!!The head of the Three Musketeers. ( Ava, Rei Xin and Zoey)
One for All and All for One!!!!

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