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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Need a trimmer cloth diaper? Wait till you see this!!

   It goes without saying that disposable diaper is indeed trimmer than cloth diaper but what's more important is the fact that with cloth diaper, its a chemical-free material for baby's bottom. So there is no harm in trying out a good stuff right?
The photos of cloth diapers below are among of my many acquisitions. These are selection of very neat and trim cloth diapers which suit my petite 1 year old girl, these type of diapers you can wear it just like that or you can wear romper/jumpsuit/pants on it.

1st Row : Large size of Itti Bitti and BBH Petites.
2nd Row : Medium size of Itti Bittis and BBH Petite.
3rd Row : One size Gro Baby print diapers.

The Itti Bitti is so trim even with 9 layers of absorbent materials and not to mention the feeling of soft minky outer fabric. Baby Beehind Petite ( also with soft minky outer) consist on 12 layers of absorbent materials. I am really impressed by the design of the diaper, just enough layer to cover on a heavy wetter kid but fit well under the outfit without showing off the bulkiness..
The Gro Baby  is my old time favorite, performance wise it is at par with the other two brand mentioned above. The difference is Gro Baby soakers are made from unbleached thick cotton while the other two are made from 60 percent of bamboo material.

The inner side of the diapers.
From the left : Itti Bitti, BBH Petite and Gro Baby.

For the sizing, I choose to get the combination of medium and large size since my gal fit nicely on either of the size in a different setting of snap...
I love to use these diapers for outing since I can still put Ava under fancy pants and rompers.

Till then, Happy Cloth Diapering to all dear Mommies out there!!


lisa said...

nice sheena, i've been wondering how the bbh petite inner look like..now i know and thanks for the comparison .. now you making me itch wanna buy bbh petite LOL

Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

;) i have yet to try BBH petite, but I think you already know i'm also a fan of IB SIOs and GroBabys :)

Sheena said...

BBH Petite is good..no harm on gettin one!hehehe

Far, High five with that!!You shud try the BBH too..it is so soft and trim!!

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