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Friday, July 9, 2010

Action pixz Ava with her diapers part II

Ava in Baby Beehind Night Nappy Fitted. I swapped my L size BBH Night Nappy to other mummy since the dipe was super duper big for Ava, M sized fit just perfect on her..Usually for night fitted needs to be wash around 6th times to reach it maximum absorbency and then should be able to use on  through the night.

The dipes looks fluffy since it got 23 layers of absorbency material..

It's fluffy but the design of the crotch area is quiet narrow which makes baby easy to walk around. 

This diaper says it all!!My top favorite printed diaper among my stash!!
This Cute Tooshies diaper I bought it along with other mommies from Diaper Asia forum.
One mommy has organized a group buy for this brand of diaper from Australia so I tag along with them.Hehehe..
Indeed it's worth for waiting.

Side view of the diaper..Gorgeous!!

~Cute Tooshies AI2 Cloth Diaper One Size..~

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