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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"Thank you  aunt Anastasia for making this beautifully,flowery and deliciousy Birthday Cake for my 1st year old birthday, mommy wont let me taste it but I bet this is yummy coz I saw mummy kept on sneaking at the refrigerator to snack on the leftover ,hehe!!" 

Our  lil princess is going to be One Years Old when the clock strike 12 am this morning!!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!

All the hot mamas and babies!!
How bout the daddies?
Psst...can see most of them at the wall mirror!!

Luckily Ava loves to cuddle with aunt Anas while mummy was busy preparing the food.
and Hughie is good enuf to let her mummy to take care the Birthday Girl for awhile,hehe..

Mommy can't get enough on this cake!!!

Baby Pheobe...she got 4 dimples to be exact, wait till you see her smiling!!enough to make guys fall on their feet!.......

Like father, like son...the Handsome Hagen!!

"Last but not least, Thank you for attending my party and I hope all of you did enjoy and having fun !!"
"Zoey, Hughie, Rei Xin, Hagen ,Pheobe and lil Maddy, till we meet again for many more upcoming play dates in the future!!"

All these pictures were taken from our camera which only got a few..will be waiting for other photographer to send some more photos and upload it on this post!!!!

Will be posting the 2nd Birthday Party with cousins soon!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Those were the days...

I came across to the old photos of mine with my sis and bro in laws when we were spending Hari Raya celebration at Tawau two years back!!

These photos are my top favorites amongst all!!It looks like we were doing a commercial for Salem High Country !!hehe
(We were actually making more than 5 times running and jumping for only to catch on this kind of poses!! )

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is it....

Preparation check  list  :

1.Arranging the table/couch/chair for more than 10 peoples- Done
2.Goody Bag for Kids - 3 more bags have not yet complete.
3.Foods - Praying that The Golden Pavilion restaurant will be serving all our ordered dishes deliciousy yummy.
4.Birthday Decoration - Done except the balloons. 
5.Cakes - This will be a surprise..By the way I am not making it by myself ya..:).
6.Invitation - All have been sent..hopefully everyone will be attending. The birthday party will be splitting
into two since our house is small . Saturday for our friends and Sunday will be our relatives and neighbors.  

To be continue......

"I still remembered I was the happiest person on the planet when daddy and mommy organized my birthday party. Today...I just realized it is not as easy as it looks when trying to plan a birthday party for your own kid!!
I am truly grateful that my parents were willing to organize a birthday party for me( every year) for as far as I remembered from my 6 years old until my teenage years!Love both of you..Now I know its not easy as it was.Love both of you and wish you are here to celebrate with us."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hehe, sampai sudah...

Waaa apa ni sumua yang sampai??

Elegant Black Mei Tai..fuhhhh....

Thanks my dear cuz !!!
She loves it too!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's for breakfast!!

Breakfast menu for Ava. Grinded brown rice, pumpkins and cauliflower.

 Put it in the steamer, then blend it altogether with a blender and finally ready to be served!!

 While waiting for the food, I put all the dirty diapers in the sink and soak/rinse it before doing the proper wash to the washing machine.Precaution: No softener and bleacher allowed!!

For us...Yummy, our neighbor gave this delicious dish to us yesterday. It's called Kao Chung(In Chinese).
"Thanks aunty, sedappppp!!" 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


    Yesterday evening after pigging out on KFC for late lunch/early dinner, hubby decided that all of us should go out and play the newly bought frisbee. I thought we were just going to play in front of our house. 
While I was still sitting in front of the pc checking at Diaper Asia site( hoping to catch any mama who is selling  any new cute printed cloth diaper, hahaha lets not speak about my addiction for now, I will save it for another post!!)
Hubby was yelling from outside of the house asking me to go out as soon as possible..Ava was already buckled up in her stroller( I was wondering why hubby brought the stroller along, I thought we were just going to play in front of our house.)
I was still in my blouse and skirt, I went out and ready to play..(konon la, my mind was still on the forum site). Instead hubby told me to lock the house as we are going out. Going out!!! where? I was following them from behind and was thinking where were we going?Play frisbee in front of our neighbor house?By the way I passed one of our neighbor house and she was standing outside and was yelling at me with a smile,
"Your baby's face look just like her father already lor!!" 
Hehehe..yeahh she is!!Don't you love your neighbors?!:)..

Then I started to wonder where he want to take us when he crossed the road out from our neighborhood and went straight to the outside of school area ( our housing area is near to the school),. After reached at the end of the road just beside the school gate which I was already out of breath. He stopped and  started to throw the frisbee to me. Being a beginner on a frisbee, after I received it from hubby I threw it without aiming properly to him( plus I was still tired due on 15 minutes walking). The frisbee flew straight to the drain and we are not talking a small drain here..it was a flood drain it is so deep!! Hubby cannot blame me since he really didn't took a lot of effort to take the flying frisbee without expecting it to fell into the drain! 
Ava on the other hand enjoying the evening scenery and standing beside Bumble. After giving a second thought, hubby went down the drain and took the frisbee out and then figuring out how to get out from the drain .
"Here, give your hand to me," I said. Our hands reaching but Ava was nearly walking to the drain and I quickly let go my hand and he stumbled back inside the drain..
" Ops sorry! ."   
Put Ava back on the stroller and meanwhile hubby successfully climbed out from the drain.
The school guard who watched us from the beginning asked hubby to play at the school field. And all this while we thought outsider is not allowed to enter the school area!!
So off we walked towards the school field with lots of kids playing soccer and we found an empty ground to play the frisbee.                 Jumping, running,yelling, sweating and laughing at the same time when both of us throwing and catching frisbee made me so relief I got off on my knee to play on that evening. Plus watching Ava was getting so excited walking on the grass field really makes my day!She even yelled at us whenever we missed to catch the frisbee on our hand!!
Today we will be going out again to play and I bet this time around will be going to be merrier!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Ava's baby car seat has been upgraded to a toddler car seat. She loves her new seat. But....she has a few request whenever we put her on it. The teething biscuit ,a bottle of water and a singing mama( I bet now I am ready to go for the next audition of "Who Want To Be One Million..."err what's the name of the program again?)  , otherwise she'll be screaming asking to be out from her newly car seat.
Hubby was a bit concerned on Ava's safety every-time we went for a car ride. She didn't want to be place on her baby car seat anymore and ends up she would be walking and climbing around inside the car every-time we traveled. So we decided to solve it once for all by getting her the bigger car seat.

At first, she seemed to be a bit reluctant by sitting on her new seat.

By the time I sang her the 5th songs, she fell asleep with the biscuit still on her hand.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fluffy Mail!!!

Another fluffy mail arrived this evening!!

I got so excited! It was from zizitots.blogspot.com. I ordered two pieces of Itti Bitti SIO since the site is having a Mega Sale. (Yeah before this I did say I was not into IB but just recently I noticed the diaper just fit perfectly on Ava slender thighs. She lost the baby fat due on walking.) 
After de-stashing  most of my pocket diapers and still in the process to let go a few more, I spent most of the funds for AI2 and Fitted diapers.

From the left row : Baby Beehind Petite Pink(mycheekyboo), Itti Bitti SIO in Baby Pink, Itti Bitti SIO in Purple( zizitots)and Pampered Cheek pocket OS(everythingbabything).
From the right row( All fitteds) : Monkeez purple(everythingbabything) , Oh Happy Baby(everythingbabything), Poverty Jane(everythingbabything) and Baby Beehind Night Nappy(mycheekyboo).
Beside the fitteds are the two pieces  of Mama Bear wool soakers OS.

Cloth Diaper Sharing

I find out this post from Farah is really beneficial to read  for all mothers out there who is reluctant on using Cloth Diaper to their kids or planning to. Here is the link to Farah post on sharing her views about cd-ing your kids.   

 Ava on Very Baby Diaper fitted.

My dear cousin in law gorgeous wool soaker and newly cloth pads stash..

The cloth diapering pal/cousins.
"Hi Baby Lucy!!"
Strolling at Palm Square with only Bumwear diaper and leg warmer!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caught Red Handed!!!

"Mama and papa were curious on how did I start playing and chewing on the slipper and mama's vincci's heels.
I hope they will never find out on how did I get to cross the barrier they had made to prevent me to reach for the shoes compartment.ngeh ngeh ngeh."

"Here I go again after so many successful attempts!"
"Papa and mama are busy at the kitchen, the best time to climb up the couch ,hehehe!!!"
"Ok...take down the right leg first..need to be careful otherwise will fall down."

"Ugghhh!!Almost there....."

"Ok I am ready to jump,yeahhh,slipper here I come........perhaps I will taste daddy's shoes this time!!!"

"Ooppss!!caught red handed by mama!!I didn't notice mama was behind me the whole time and taking picture of me sneaking out!!"
"Here goes my new toys, no more chewing on shoes".(Sigh).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

De-stashing my beloved Happy Heinys

I need to let go of these two my Happy Heinys cloth diapers due to make some space for my newly arrival diapers.(Sue me for my addiction,;))

Use less than 5X. I have more than 5 pieces of these in different color.

Price : RM65 include shipping via Pos Express(Each).

Very convenient to use for the baby sitter / nursery & outing!!

This is my review on the Happy Heinys and go to this link to see other mommies review  about these diaper.

Email me at sheenadavia at yahoo dot com

The velcro is as good as new.
The outer part

 Take them both for a free shipping delivery!!

Each diaper comes with newborn and large microfiber insert.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The 2nd Year..

Somehow hubby and I forgot bout our 2nd anniversary today till our dear cousin Annette greeted us through text messaging.

va comes.


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