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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


    Yesterday evening after pigging out on KFC for late lunch/early dinner, hubby decided that all of us should go out and play the newly bought frisbee. I thought we were just going to play in front of our house. 
While I was still sitting in front of the pc checking at Diaper Asia site( hoping to catch any mama who is selling  any new cute printed cloth diaper, hahaha lets not speak about my addiction for now, I will save it for another post!!)
Hubby was yelling from outside of the house asking me to go out as soon as possible..Ava was already buckled up in her stroller( I was wondering why hubby brought the stroller along, I thought we were just going to play in front of our house.)
I was still in my blouse and skirt, I went out and ready to play..(konon la, my mind was still on the forum site). Instead hubby told me to lock the house as we are going out. Going out!!! where? I was following them from behind and was thinking where were we going?Play frisbee in front of our neighbor house?By the way I passed one of our neighbor house and she was standing outside and was yelling at me with a smile,
"Your baby's face look just like her father already lor!!" 
Hehehe..yeahh she is!!Don't you love your neighbors?!:)..

Then I started to wonder where he want to take us when he crossed the road out from our neighborhood and went straight to the outside of school area ( our housing area is near to the school),. After reached at the end of the road just beside the school gate which I was already out of breath. He stopped and  started to throw the frisbee to me. Being a beginner on a frisbee, after I received it from hubby I threw it without aiming properly to him( plus I was still tired due on 15 minutes walking). The frisbee flew straight to the drain and we are not talking a small drain here..it was a flood drain it is so deep!! Hubby cannot blame me since he really didn't took a lot of effort to take the flying frisbee without expecting it to fell into the drain! 
Ava on the other hand enjoying the evening scenery and standing beside Bumble. After giving a second thought, hubby went down the drain and took the frisbee out and then figuring out how to get out from the drain .
"Here, give your hand to me," I said. Our hands reaching but Ava was nearly walking to the drain and I quickly let go my hand and he stumbled back inside the drain..
" Ops sorry! ."   
Put Ava back on the stroller and meanwhile hubby successfully climbed out from the drain.
The school guard who watched us from the beginning asked hubby to play at the school field. And all this while we thought outsider is not allowed to enter the school area!!
So off we walked towards the school field with lots of kids playing soccer and we found an empty ground to play the frisbee.                 Jumping, running,yelling, sweating and laughing at the same time when both of us throwing and catching frisbee made me so relief I got off on my knee to play on that evening. Plus watching Ava was getting so excited walking on the grass field really makes my day!She even yelled at us whenever we missed to catch the frisbee on our hand!!
Today we will be going out again to play and I bet this time around will be going to be merrier!!


lisa said...

sheena, sorry i blur la..haha what supersoaker? haha

Sheena said...

hehe..the Bunnyfeet fitted from Lil Danzell...;).

Sarah said...

oh i miss playing frisbee's! i used to collect lots of frisbee's when i was little. small and big ones. what an adventure u guys had yea!

Sheena said...

Sarah, indeed it was so much fun!!wow u have varieties kind of frisbee, u must be a pro!:)

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