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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hehe, sampai sudah...

Waaa apa ni sumua yang sampai??

Elegant Black Mei Tai..fuhhhh....

Thanks my dear cuz !!!
She loves it too!!!


lisa said...

wow! very nice MT...yea look kinda like babyhawk... how does it feel doing backcarry with it?? i wanna look for a comfy back carry carrier... my oh snap work great but it feels very heavy when my son always leaning backward make my shoulder ache... tried adjusting the strap as close as possible still don't help much

Girllyen 'TM' said...

hahaha.. cute oo!!

Sheena said...

Girl, bila la ni ada kesempatan mo jadi model
ko ni..hehe.

Lisa, backcarry with this is good since it is easy to adjust using the strap. Indeed look a bit of baby hawk that's why some of the reviews didn't appreciate much of Little Rubi MT( they tot its kinda of copycat) but the price is good and so does the durability of it!!hehe ..
Oh yes, my shoulder did ache when my gal leaning backward..nothings wrong with the carrier, its just the baby..hehe

Eirin said...

Cantik ni sheena!
ko ada measure body panel sm strap dia ka? mcm best ni. apa fabric dia guna ni?

ms enet merisa said...

tumpang limpas, sia tlg jawab ah :D

body panel: 16"x18". shoulder straps: 65" each. not sure about the waist straps, but enough for a fluffy me, and still lots of left over hehhehe

Sheena said...

Anet, Thanks for the help!!!Eirin, this mt so comfortable..baby macam duduk atas cushion..hehe

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