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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"Thank you  aunt Anastasia for making this beautifully,flowery and deliciousy Birthday Cake for my 1st year old birthday, mommy wont let me taste it but I bet this is yummy coz I saw mummy kept on sneaking at the refrigerator to snack on the leftover ,hehe!!" 

Our  lil princess is going to be One Years Old when the clock strike 12 am this morning!!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!

All the hot mamas and babies!!
How bout the daddies?
Psst...can see most of them at the wall mirror!!

Luckily Ava loves to cuddle with aunt Anas while mummy was busy preparing the food.
and Hughie is good enuf to let her mummy to take care the Birthday Girl for awhile,hehe..

Mommy can't get enough on this cake!!!

Baby Pheobe...she got 4 dimples to be exact, wait till you see her smiling!!enough to make guys fall on their feet!.......

Like father, like son...the Handsome Hagen!!

"Last but not least, Thank you for attending my party and I hope all of you did enjoy and having fun !!"
"Zoey, Hughie, Rei Xin, Hagen ,Pheobe and lil Maddy, till we meet again for many more upcoming play dates in the future!!"

All these pictures were taken from our camera which only got a few..will be waiting for other photographer to send some more photos and upload it on this post!!!!

Will be posting the 2nd Birthday Party with cousins soon!!


FIRKAL said...

wahhh... nice oo Ava's cake! i like..! hehe...
and.. what? that baby Pheobe has 4 dimples? punya kiut tu.. aduii... mo tinguk dia senyum o. hehe..

Jill L.L said...

punya cantik tu kek!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you like the cake! I was worried it didn't turn out as what you wanted it to be. We had a fun time at the party. We should have more of this for the kids! Happy birthday Ava dear! ** hugs hugs **

Sheena said...

Anas..I am truly loved the cake!!!Yeah should plan more for their play dates soon!!

Angel said...

Cantiknya kek c Ava!! Happy Bday, Ava.

Ipo De Sean said...

Nice cake u have there Ava..Itu butterfly buli makan juga ka..

Sheena said...

Angel, Thanks!!
Po, itu Butterfly sudah kena jadi klip rambut Ava..hehe..

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Ava! Beautiful cake oh. Just like the little birthday princess :)

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