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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preparation Part 1 (So Far)

Checklist done :
1. Nursing Pillow
Compare to my BumbleBee Nursing Pillow, this is way comfortable and love how the pillow able to mould with the body movement, it even can secure my back aching.

2. Nursing Blouses
 Image was taken from the BabyBump Maternity.com.

Image was taken from the Maternity WearHouz
(I was bargaining a few nursing blouses from a few E-Stores since they are offering some huge discounts and these price bargains doesn't come quite often!)

3. Nursing Covers
Image was taken from Google.
( Useful to let the baby own his/her privacy time while nursing)

4. Washable Nursing Pads.
Image was taken from Google.

5. EMAB Natural Nipple Butter(Without Lanolin) (To soothe the sore nipple due to breastfeeding)
Image was taken from Google.

So far, it's all about nursing preparation for mummy's comfort to fully breastfeed the newborn..Part 2 will be coming soon..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Little Picasso

The Lil Picasso at work!

Among her art collections.:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My current body at 30 weeks...

 Looks like I already put lots of lots of extra fat and I don't dare to know my current weight!(Not till my next check-up)

Camwhoring with my 1st own DIY beret hat...the workmanship was not perfect at all but still, I love it since the yarns are so soft and comfortable to be worn. And the back length is just nice to cover my rough and scratchy  neck(my skin allergic is the worst during pregnancy).

Type of Yarns : Pink - 150g Cotton Lycra
                       Golden Brown - Viscose
(Both are summer yarns type which is suitable to be worn with our tropical weather)
Hook : 5.5mm with double strand yarns.
Time length : 3 days to complete finish it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"It's Okay Mama..."

Last night, I grumpily told Flo that I was tired with the pregnancy and the hot weather. Then Ava went to my side and gently tap my hand and said softly.
"It's okay mama...(then mumbling with some words we didn't understand)"..and kept on doing that for few times.
I was speechless, no words can be describe on that moment...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Must Have Item for My During and Post Pregnancy .

The previous post I did mention a gift from Flo but it was delayed because of the shipping matter.According to the seller, those item usually would arrive approximately within 2 weeks upon payment.
Luckily the shipping only took about one week to reach to the house and I was super excited to see the Pos Laju guy stood outside our gate house with a big box on his side!
Flo actually fulfill-ed one of my wish for my During and Post Pregnancy wishlist.

My precious birthday gift. A Theraline Nursing Pillow!

Ok, a pillow for a birthday present?Why not Ipad?(Blinking eyes to Flo,haha) Yes, this is all that I ever wanted to have because when I reached my 3rd trimester,  I 've been cursing myself to sleep since I didn't get the good position when lying down even with my bolster.
So Flo granted my wishlist(which was surprisingly easy to convince him.I might consider to request a high tech mobile for my next birthday......:P)

Theraline pillows offers you to have a good night sleep especially to relieve legs,belly and backs. I tried it for napping time with Ava during this afternoon and I sleep for the sweet 2 hours with the same position!It does look quite big but surprisingly the pillow is so lightweight and easy to adjust in any kind of position and shape.

For more info of this Theraline Pillow,please click here. 

Looking forward for the arrival of the baby to try this on her.:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 and my true education has just begun..

I am still figuring out how on earth did I ever reach the "3"  ZERO? Haha well at least it's only a number and some says 30's is the new 20's?

Today I turned 30, married with a wonderful man, an adorable little daughter on tow and heavily pregnant. Owh did I mention that I am a proud stay at home mother?

For the past 30 years of my life, 95 percent of those times..I have no idea who I wanted to be or who I am.(No joke.)
For all these years, I was chasing affirmation from others and  trying to be something which I am not; all in the name of conforming to the demand of society. I know nothing of passion from within, most of the time I was pushed and pulled by fear from without.

Fear of being fat,  fear of being dark skin, fear of being not pretty, fear of not having status, fear of not having a "career", fear of not getting a good husband, fear of not getting As, generally just fear... After a while the small voice inside of me just become unheard off and forgotten...

I went to university with no idea on what I wanted to become. So, for the whole 4 years there, I was running in circle, bumping to so many walls. I eventually lost all energy and spiraled down to depression. Finally at that point of my gloomy life, I got the courage to ask myself " what is important to my life? This thing which makes me sick and crazy, surely this is not for me?  I decided to dropped-out. Yes people I am a university drop-out. Coming to thing about it I should have dropped out earlier in my life, like after PMR or better still after UPSR or better still before this (fear) started.

(The same thing happened when I step my feet to my Science Stream class many many years ago, I was so naive to think that society knows what is best for me and stoop to the demand of society... I am still wondering why I didn't follow my passion. I guess I don't even know my passion, it was not cultivated enough for me to know what to decide when I need to make decision..

Sometimes when you are not careful, people can project their ideal on you and you end up trying to fit in to other people dreams and in the process you forgotten your true-self. Time and again you true-self try to come out but she got pushed down and silenced.

The past four years of my marriage, has given me a space to think and try and feel. My life had been moving slowly and during this time I got to reflect myself more and more. When Ava arrived, that's when my true real life had finally began. Bit by bit I learned to be a mother, a teacher and a caregiver to my daughter. Interacting with a child has healing power I guess. I can also say Ava teaches me by her actions. Not too long after that, I started to have curiosity. From curiosity I have the energy to self study  on topics of interest to me  and hopefully I can progress and uncover what I wish to become in the future.

No systematic syllabus to follow, no pressure to be in a rat race. I am able to balance between passion and taking care of my family. Paper qualification is important but I am not going to rush it. Right now the most important thing is, gain  (real) knowledge and not mere memorization. And if I so decide to get a degree, and put myself in the lecture halls, I'll be ready. To be exact, I am my own teacher for the stuff which I m studying right now, and always. I can get others' assistant but I am always be my own teacher.

Getting affirmation from others on something which you cannot afford is useless. Following career advises from others knowing that you ar not capable of doing is a loosing game. I realized that to improve youself and to be happy  , what you need is passion and your own willingness to learn and surrounded by like minded people.

So here's the start of my 30's and the starting of my journey...
Happy Birthday To Me.

By the way thanks for the lovely gift from my dear husband and ang pows from my beloved parents.Thanks for all the lovely wishes from all of you.God Bless!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

B..for Beret Hat!

I 'm a fan of beret hats and have been dreaming to make it one for myself since I was a little girl.Well who knows that my wish actually really comes to reality when I finally made one for a little girl who will be celebrating her birthday same like mine this week.(shhh...this is suppose to be a surprise gift and I know the mommy is seldom online,hehe).
It took me three days to finished it off.(after I left my beanies hat project uncompleted)
Single flower with bead in the middle to complete the look of the beret.

 Combining Lilac and Pink color from Metallic Cotton yarns.(4.5mm needle)

Model to determine a sizing for toddler. Seriously I cannot take a nice pica with this girl.haha. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Night Wool Soaker for 0-3 months.

Yes I was feeling tired and restless this whole week but that doesn't stop me to keep on doing for my latest project.
An All Night Wool soaker which I finished it up for the 1 whole week.

 Rise : 15"
Waist :Stretch up to 14.5"-16"
Hips :16"-18"
Thighs : 8"-10"

 This is the comparison between Snuggle Pants felted wool shorty in medium size.

This wool should fit for 0 to 3months.
Workmanship?:Not so perfect, need lots of lots of practicing.
 The soaker is made up from 100percent Merino wool which my friend found it at one of the shop at my old hometown Sandakan.She helped me to buy these and sent them instantly to me. Thanks again Lynn!!:)

Ava B'day Present from Papa and Mama

I think it's not too late to give our birthday present to Ava(more like from the mama shopping spree:P, Flo already gave her another Duplo Lego anyway).

Denim + Cotton dress which I found at the Facebook online store, The Will'Beth christening gown which is adorable to be put on for any event and embroidery Peechee Cloth diaper from Australia.

Peechee diaper.
AI2, Medium size and Side Snapping.
Gosh I love embroidery diaper since the print would not fade away  and will be lasting!
Peechee comes in various style of embroideries but I only came up with this idea for custom.Too bad during the process of ordering for the dipes I was still in the morning sickness mode so I cannot spent long time in front of the computer.Still, this dipe is gorgeous even the style slightly quiet simple. 

Friday, July 8, 2011


I am happy to finally reached the final stage of 3rd trimester of pregnancy, but at the same time I feel more and more lethargic each day especially now Flo is even busier than before. The house chore, the laundry(in addition with the cloth diapers) and taking care of a toddler.(Please don't be surprised if you suddenly heard that I have been sent to Tanjung Rambutan this nearer times, or even near at the Hospital Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu).
I come to term that I realized that I am not a supermom who can manage to do all the works.
So to make these few months much more easier to me:
1. I decided to use on disposable diaper on Ava so less washing.By the way, she's on the way to potty train with  Flo help.
2. We will be sending Ava to the pre-school soon.(Only half a day)

Emotionally?I felt worst...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My 1st Handmade Soaker Wool Pants.

I am not actually quiet satisfied on the way it turns out to be esp at the back hip area( I should just continue to work on the single crochet until reached at the ribbing stitch(waist area)), but this is only my first trial so, I should less expecting it to be perfect.

This is suppose to be a wool soaker pants aka diaper cover.What is the function of this?Please click here.

Here 's Ava's bunny wearing her fitted cloth diaper.

So here's Bunny with the wool soaker with the fitted diaper inside. 
Still got lots of improvement to be done here and there.

The rise is about 17", this should fit good for below 5 months old baby.

I am going to lanolize this pants and put it on a test with a wet fitted diaper inside,and will see if it will be well functioning or not. 
To be continue.. 

Till then, happy weekend people!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

For Little Rei Xin..

A birthday gift to Rei Xin who also will be turning two this Saturday!!

A toddler beanies hat with adding a butterfly applique.(It does look like a butterfly, doesn't it?)

My first ever handmade to give to someone as a gift, I hope she's going to love it!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Lil Ava Sophia!!
Let's just say she has grown up to be a spontaneous and wise little woman who always brighten our little small world. 
Papa and Mama love you so much!!!

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