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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ava B'day Present from Papa and Mama

I think it's not too late to give our birthday present to Ava(more like from the mama shopping spree:P, Flo already gave her another Duplo Lego anyway).

Denim + Cotton dress which I found at the Facebook online store, The Will'Beth christening gown which is adorable to be put on for any event and embroidery Peechee Cloth diaper from Australia.

Peechee diaper.
AI2, Medium size and Side Snapping.
Gosh I love embroidery diaper since the print would not fade away  and will be lasting!
Peechee comes in various style of embroideries but I only came up with this idea for custom.Too bad during the process of ordering for the dipes I was still in the morning sickness mode so I cannot spent long time in front of the computer.Still, this dipe is gorgeous even the style slightly quiet simple. 

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