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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Friday, July 8, 2011


I am happy to finally reached the final stage of 3rd trimester of pregnancy, but at the same time I feel more and more lethargic each day especially now Flo is even busier than before. The house chore, the laundry(in addition with the cloth diapers) and taking care of a toddler.(Please don't be surprised if you suddenly heard that I have been sent to Tanjung Rambutan this nearer times, or even near at the Hospital Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu).
I come to term that I realized that I am not a supermom who can manage to do all the works.
So to make these few months much more easier to me:
1. I decided to use on disposable diaper on Ava so less washing.By the way, she's on the way to potty train with  Flo help.
2. We will be sending Ava to the pre-school soon.(Only half a day)

Emotionally?I felt worst...

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