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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My current body at 30 weeks...

 Looks like I already put lots of lots of extra fat and I don't dare to know my current weight!(Not till my next check-up)

Camwhoring with my 1st own DIY beret hat...the workmanship was not perfect at all but still, I love it since the yarns are so soft and comfortable to be worn. And the back length is just nice to cover my rough and scratchy  neck(my skin allergic is the worst during pregnancy).

Type of Yarns : Pink - 150g Cotton Lycra
                       Golden Brown - Viscose
(Both are summer yarns type which is suitable to be worn with our tropical weather)
Hook : 5.5mm with double strand yarns.
Time length : 3 days to complete finish it.


amani said...

nice hat, and it fit you very well!

be safe and take loads of care:-)

Sheena said...

Thanks Amani!:)

Farahana said...

Wow, nice hat! And you already know how to double strand it ;) Hehe


Cantik Sheena ~!!!!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice pics Sheena. :)

and the beret hat pun nice juga... :)

Take care ok..

Sindar said...

Nice Hat Sheena :D Take a good care too!

Sheena said...

Thanks to all of you!!:))

BrandonHarris Blog said...

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