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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Must Have Item for My During and Post Pregnancy .

The previous post I did mention a gift from Flo but it was delayed because of the shipping matter.According to the seller, those item usually would arrive approximately within 2 weeks upon payment.
Luckily the shipping only took about one week to reach to the house and I was super excited to see the Pos Laju guy stood outside our gate house with a big box on his side!
Flo actually fulfill-ed one of my wish for my During and Post Pregnancy wishlist.

My precious birthday gift. A Theraline Nursing Pillow!

Ok, a pillow for a birthday present?Why not Ipad?(Blinking eyes to Flo,haha) Yes, this is all that I ever wanted to have because when I reached my 3rd trimester,  I 've been cursing myself to sleep since I didn't get the good position when lying down even with my bolster.
So Flo granted my wishlist(which was surprisingly easy to convince him.I might consider to request a high tech mobile for my next birthday......:P)

Theraline pillows offers you to have a good night sleep especially to relieve legs,belly and backs. I tried it for napping time with Ava during this afternoon and I sleep for the sweet 2 hours with the same position!It does look quite big but surprisingly the pillow is so lightweight and easy to adjust in any kind of position and shape.

For more info of this Theraline Pillow,please click here. 

Looking forward for the arrival of the baby to try this on her.:)


Aemy Shamy said...

Oh never heard of it before. Now I know what Theraline Pillow is. :)
Good luck..you'd have a sweetest baby ^^

Sheena said...

Thanks Aemy and thanks for visiting my humble blog:)

Ocean Faruk said...

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