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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preparation Part 1 (So Far)

Checklist done :
1. Nursing Pillow
Compare to my BumbleBee Nursing Pillow, this is way comfortable and love how the pillow able to mould with the body movement, it even can secure my back aching.

2. Nursing Blouses
 Image was taken from the BabyBump Maternity.com.

Image was taken from the Maternity WearHouz
(I was bargaining a few nursing blouses from a few E-Stores since they are offering some huge discounts and these price bargains doesn't come quite often!)

3. Nursing Covers
Image was taken from Google.
( Useful to let the baby own his/her privacy time while nursing)

4. Washable Nursing Pads.
Image was taken from Google.

5. EMAB Natural Nipple Butter(Without Lanolin) (To soothe the sore nipple due to breastfeeding)
Image was taken from Google.

So far, it's all about nursing preparation for mummy's comfort to fully breastfeed the newborn..Part 2 will be coming soon..


KusmaShoppe said...

shen, cool post... :) i LIKE..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wah ready2 suda kan sheena.. :)
Thanks for sharing this. :)

nc said...

bagus ni :)

Sheena said...

Thanks Kusma,lepas ni babywearing, diapers and misc lagi kalo sia rajin..hehe
Stella, yabah..banyak sale kan skang so tia mo kasi lepas peluang:))

Lorraine Irene said...

hi..sheena... thanks for the information...i become excited to being a mom, eventhough i'm still not married yet... hahhaa... i need the whole thing later kan?

Sheena said...

Hi Lorraine, if you decided to breastfeeding ur newborn in fun,style and exciting twist..these items are the must have. Oh and not forgetting your book and your Galaxy Tab/Ipad to fill up ur time while waiting for the baby to finish nursing;).

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