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Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's an interesting moment to window shopping for this month as Christmas songs are playing and beautiful Christmas decor and trees are everywhere.A bit disapointed with televisyen commercial though..I havent seen any Christmas comm been played until now..uhh well.

By the way this is me wearing Aza with a purple Ergo soft structured carrier!At last now I have a purple ssc in my stash after I let go of my purple Kanga which I still truly miss..

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

"I got you something,hope you 'll like them"...

Flo surprised me when he handed me a box covered with christmasy present paper and guess what?It was my advance Christmas gift from him!!

I opened up and found 2 lovely items inside....

A purple sunglasses (my fav color!)..*Actually I've been eyeing on this and planning to get it soon but who knows Flo was keeping his eyes on:))

The 2nd gift was totally a surprise since I never thought on having a smart phone!

I am now the owner of a Samsung Galaxy SII!

Now I can do blogging wherever and whenever I want and sharing pictures straight from the mobile.

Thanks hubby!I am truly truly appreciate your thoughts on me..Mmmmuaaaahhh!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Please Lord protect the child..

I m sending a prayer for Ava's friend who's been diagnosed of Leukemia. Please Lord protect her, let she be heal by you.Please Lord..and let her parents be strong in time of this,let them have faith in you oh Lord.Amen. 
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Friday, December 9, 2011

My time...

With two kids and no maid..........................................................................................*
What can I say,I love them very much though.I will be waiting those time when I would say,
"Yes, I did it with my kids!"

Anyway mama also need to spend time alone with mama's stuff just to make sure mama sanity is still under control:P.
1 hour of crocheting is more than enough to fulfill my obsession of yarns.

By the way,we went for a Miri Christmas Bazaar this evening,trying to stay compose and not letting the impulsive buying taking over me,I went home satisfied with these cute buttons,hair clip ribbons and a creative bookmarks!

Yawn..geez I need to get on my pillow right now, otherwise I would going loco by tomorrow morning handling kids with cranky sleepy mode. Nitezzzzzzz.......... 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Evening Clutch(sort of)...

So... I managed to steal some time to make this simple clutch for a Christmas gift to someone so dear to me.*It's good to be back with my hooks,missed them so much!*

It's a kind of an Evening Clutch.
 I purposely make a ruffle style for the opening of the clutch with two pearl buttons on each side.


1 down, two more to go*crazy over the Lollipop color!*..my 1st plan is to make a scarf out of these but the material seems quite stiff to the touch so probably another clutch or amigurumi?? I need to shop more cute buttons!*Just another reason to do online shopping:P*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I need to hide myself from Ava when playing this game.I would locked myself in any room with the hidden Ipad just to update my Dragon Park.I wouldn't want anything happen to my dragon pets..I m starting to get into a deep relationship with my Ipad...aaahhhhh...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pfau love..so worth it!!!

My new love..Didymos Burgundy Pfau 2010.

As a purple lover, who can refuse with this!

 The owner of this wrap dyed it in a rich purple but as you can see the lovely peacocks pattern still can be seen in the red hues.

 A Burgundy Pfau 2010(100 percent cotton) in size 6(4.6m). I am always be a size 6 no matter how chubby or skinny I am. I love the extra fabric dangling and tailing at my back.:)

 The wrap had been totally broken in makes it feel soft and comfy to wear.
With a baby weight of 6kg,I found the wrap is cushy and no digginess feeling on both of my shoulder. And surprisingly it is airy enough to be wear in non-aircond room.

These are  two of many Malaysian mama who found Pfau love with their bubs. There are actually many Malaysian mamas who into wraps but I was just too shy asking their permission for their pictures.:) 

Here is Lixa with Pfau 2007(Oh yes the wraps come with years either with mix linen and cotton or comes with 100 percent cotton)

And Rita with Burgundy Pfau 2010 (The original color of Burgundy Pfau) 

It's an extra fun on holding a baby with compatible and stylish carrier without hurting your back and your baby posture..don't you agree with me?;).

Saturday, November 26, 2011


The only thing you can do if you hate the person so much is to let you free from them.They had no power towards you once you freed yourself from them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Didymos Wave wrap

I've gotten hit by baby blues....but luckily this comes and goes obsession of mine always makes me high with adrenalin!

Getting another new carrier to fill up my humble stash :p.

 Fluffy mail!!I 'm over the moon!

 I got this pre-loved wrap from Liz and the wrap almost broken in and it felt cushy!

 Didymos Aqua Wave 100percent cotton this year released.

Front cross carry style.

And it does come with sleeping dust, Aza straight away slept after I put him inside.

This is video instruction would show on  how to do newborn Legs Out Front Carry with woven wrap.

And this is how to pop out a newborn from inside the wrap.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Babywear our Aza..

As long as Aza wants me to carry him and provided I can still handle the weight, I would be happy to babywear him.:))

The airy Bali Breeze Stretchy wrap!

Lenny Lamb Bamboo woven wrap.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My weigh doesn't budge at 64kg!!Before delivery I am 73kg minus 3.5kg baby weight.

Now I am starting to get worried, I am at 1 months ++ post partum delivery but I am still as chubby as ever. I don't like the sight of how much both my arms were growing during 9 months preggy and so does now.huhu.Owh the extra fat on my tummy..geez..
I seriously need to lose much weight in order to get back to my normal size again(15 kg to go..omygosh!!)
It is even hard to lose 5kg, probably I should enroll myself at The Biggest Loser Asian Season......4??(I lost track what season it is now).

Sunday, October 30, 2011


LennyLamb woven bamboo wrap

The wrap is not as stiff as the cotton linen wrap,it's airy,soft(no need to broken in) and easy to manage. This is me doing the tibetan back carry on Aza and another picture with front carry.But definitely a wrap with linen+cotton wins for carry a heavy toddler.For the time being I just enjoying wrapping my baby with this yummy color rainbow wrap until I feel it's time to upgrade with another different material of wrap or baby carrier:)).


On the verge of feeling high on doing some retail therapy:)).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Love Fluffy Mail!!!!

 Adding into my library crochet books, Mei Hooi helped me to get these during the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale at KL recently. Total for this three books only cost RM37.50 including delivery!!Totally bargains!!

Lenny Lamb bamboo woven wrap, bought this brand new from Brenda and also a bargain price for a woven wrap! Can't wait to do some action shot with this lovely.

Here's the review from one of the mama about this wrap :

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rucksack Tibetan back carry

Flo's going to be furious when he saw this but don't worry honey, I was on the bed mattress all the time when I 'm doing this.
Aza is usually very content even I put him in the crib until he fell asleep by himself but not today.
After nursing, I put him in the crib and he wailed. Put him on the rocking chair,the wailing become more intense. Nursing him again and put back on the crib..a few second later, he started to cry.
So I grab my Didymos wrap gradation and brought Aza on my back.(Please don't attempt this kind of carrying-style if you're not confident enough to hold your baby on the back)
Once I completely finished, he already sleeping soundly at my back and 2 hours later, he's up again for milk.
During those time, I managed to sort out the nursery room, hanged the laundry and had time to one on one with Ava. Again, babywearing saved the day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 Times A "Charm"....

Finally the "D" day has arrived after days full of hope and anxiety...
I started to feel some mild contraction on Saturday morning*6.00a.m to be exact*..
By evening, hubby suddenly craving for sushi so we went to get some and by then the contraction was getting painful and I was in tears while eating sushi. However,we still managed to look for a Post Natal tummy wrap (bengkung). Now that the surge was 10 minutes apart I need to stop walking every time it came and breathing as calmly as possible to bare the pain.
When we arrived at the house, I told my Gentle Birth facebook group mamas that I think I might be deliver soon and I had an overwhelming responds wishing me good luck and reminded me to just breath in/out and some advise telling me to go to sleep.*Oh my I did try to get some sleep but the intermitten pain makes it impossible, at last I was only manage to sleep when baby is out*
By 11pm we decided to go to the hospital after I was lying and rolling on the birth ball for 2 hours*I might have an experience of home birth if I just took the risk on staying at home for the whole night*.
We were warded*yes the three of us, the nurse had to get another bed for Flo and Ava*.
For the whole night, Ava and Flo were sleeping peacefully on the other bed*Ava was excited as she thought that we 're  in a hotel!* while I was bearing with the on and off contraction. By 4am,the nurse found me lying on the chair instead on the bed.
She checked my dilation and it's only 5cm and asked if I wanted a painkiller, of course I said no. I want it to be natural all the way*and that's what I thought it would be*.
Morning came and the doctor came,
"Why you refused to be given a painkiller?"
My goodness this doctor must be joking...they had been asking the same questions since they put me in last night and I started to get annoyed.
Doctor checked the dilation and she said the amniotic sac need to be burst artificially to make the baby come out faster. I was still contemplating to follow her advise not until when I saw the long rod which she's going to put it inside me. I found myself screaming saying no..the thought of the rod stuck inside  was making me sick!
By 10 a.m, they took me to the labor room and what makes me frustrated that I had been put with a drip/IV since according to the doctor I was already dehydrated (damn!!).Those IV in my left hand had psycho my brain into a paralyzed situation.It's getting difficult to move around and stay sane handling with the  contractions.
This time the pain begin quiet intense and I totally forgot what  I have learnt from the Gentle Birth group. I cannot resist to use the laughing gas when the nurse offer it to me. Everytime the surge came I put on the mask and suck it up. I hold the mask like there's no tomorrow,when Flo asked me to hand on the mask I told him to stay out of it. And I if I remembered correctly I had a sudden laugh in between the contraction.*The cause from over-used the mask*
During that time, Ava was in and out inside the labor room with aunt Supang chasing her. There was one moment Ava was silent under my bed and I heard some screw had been loosen up .*Oh my God the bed would fall anytime soon!*..and she came out under the bed and smile widely at me.
"It's okay mama!" she said before Flo and aunt Supang drag her out from the labor room.
By 11am, Doctor came and again, my dilation need to be check but without my realization she actually burst the amniotic sac using those rod! I didn't see anything since closed my eyes.
By the time my water break "artificially"...the contraction become twice intense and I was screaming like a mad woman. With the 2nd one I thought my 1st experience was enough to know how to push the baby out..boy I was wrong!Now I know every pregnancy has a different experience.
 It took about 6 to 10 times on pushing with a few times I made the wrong technics,the problem that I was having difficulties on listening to doctor instruction not until Flo came along.He stayed right beside my head and repeated what the doctor said in his own version which I understand more. During those gap both of my foot was on the two huge nurses side by side of the bed,since the two poles(which the function is used to help birthing women pushing the baby out) was not tough enough with my kicking*lol*. Each time the surge came,my leg and feet would be hitting hard at the nurses tummies*I should be grateful to them*. Finally I said to Flo I gave up on pushing* I might consider for a c-sec*..fortunately the doctor, the two nurses and Flo didn't gave up on me. They kept on telling me I can do it and this would be the last push. With the last strength that I have, I inhale deeply and started to push with all my will.*With the Gentle Birth method I should breath out calmly to let the baby out but the method seems not functioning to me anymore with so many interventions from the doctor. Started with the IV ,the artificial membrane rupture and the laughing gas*
And finally...the baby came out from the view.
When the doctor said,"It's a boy!!"
"What? but we thought the baby is a girl?"
I held up my head and saw him.
"It's a boy!!" Flo is overwhelmed and a bit surprise just like me.
"Oh Thank God!" with my head spinning like crazy*the after effect of the laughing gas* I can only saw a glimpse of Daniel's face and body and after that I dozed off.

My 2nd birth experience, a bit of drama but was faster compare to Ava since I didn't take any painkiller.
I just wish I could done better but the most important thing was, Daniel and I were both in good conditions and happy to said that after two days admitted we were free to go home and my breastfeeding journey is starting all over again..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Am a mother of two!

How am I feeling?
Overjoy, exhausted and overwhelming with the sudden change.

How'S Ava adapting?
She's more frequent on asking for milk from my breast. Every time Daniel needs to be fed, Ava went and asking for nenen and there's one time she cut on the line and Daniel left with a confuse face on my lap.
Attention seeker- Ava would do anything to get the attention from us, even putting her doll for a bath at Daniel's basin or throwing a sudden tantrum or offering me some of her snack.
But most of the time she's adapting quite well and very proud of herself for being a big sister.

How's Daniel so far?
He's sleeping most of the time. His timetable is like waking up, nursing, pooping and sleeping*The cycle keep on repeating*
We can just place him on the crib and he would sleep by himself.

How's Flo?
He helps me a lot during this confinement and mil came along to help for the whole month.
He's  the chef for my confinement menu,Ava's best buddy and Daniel's poo cleaner.
He 's making sure I don't get caught with the baby blue symptom during this time and so far I managed to get in control with my emotion.

All in all, I am feeling blessed with all the help from people around me and thanks again to  aunt Supang for helping us to take care of our lil Ava during the labor. Feeling sorry for aunt when you had to witness my labor pain inside the labor room.hehe.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing our little hero..

Daniel Azarias:)

We've been announcing our lil boy name as Azarias Daniel at my facebook account but at the final decision, we chose Daniel Azarias Jipiu as I kept calling him Daniel.

Born at 25th Sept 2011 on Sunday noon via natural birth with weight of 3.5kg.
For the time being, mama will be MIA from blogging as this little cutie doesn't stop nursing ever since he woke up from his half a day slept after the dramatic delivery.

Welcome home baby Daniel.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ava and the Pool.

First of all I need to apologize to a few friends who invited us for dinner or meet up which we didn't able to make it. Perhaps the nesting instinct inside me is telling me to have a time of my own before the baby comes out. Looking forward to see you guys after my delivery!:)

We went to Taman Awam for some walking exercise, the thought of overdue is freaking me out so I need as much as exercise as I can during this last week of pregnancy.
Well,the main point of this entry is all about Ava who was desperately wanted to go inside the pool but still waiting patiently for us to offer her the green light.:)

 Here is the pool.The looks totally tempting for any kids who pass by this area.

 Including Ava, just look at the longing look at her face.

 So kesian, we waited for awhile for her to say something but she just stared at the pool and kids who were playing inside.
Then finally Flo said slowly to her," Do you want to play inside the pool?"
Ava quickly answered with joy," Aha..aha!" while excitedly nodding her head.
Flo quiet for awhile and thought that he might missed her saying yes,she said it again,
"Okay let's go to the pool!"
 Luckily I brought extra clothes so she managed to go inside and play with Flo.
 Totally Excited!!

 The weather was cloudy and so did the water..very cold!
Ok, all done for now!!

We managed to get our family photo together with my full term bump.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blank and Dr. Aida follow up

I mentioned on the last entry that my gynae(Dr.Mattu) would be on leave before my EDD. If the baby still in my tummy after 23rd, then I would be refer to another doctor.
So this morning, we went to see Dr. Aida who will be replacing Dr. Mattu upon my delivery for a bit introduction.
I went to the counter and introduce myself to the receptionist, they handed me a registration form and I started to write it down. The problem was, I don't know where to start. I looked down blankly at the form  like I am sitting an exam for an advanced calculus which I had no idea how to answer. Noted that I haven't ate any breakfast and it's 8.45 in the morning.
"Okay do I need to put on Flo's name at the "Employee"*in my thought was Employer* or his company's name? Where do I need to put mine?at "Dependent"? *actually I forgotten what was the word*,geez I seriously need the Wikipedia right now,"

When the nurse approached me I said to her bluntly,
" I don't know how to fill this form,"
She's a bit skeptical and checked on my form,
"Have you wrote this form before?"
"Yes, 4 years ago,"Shit I don't know what was I talking.
" I once filled this similar form when I was having my 1st child,"
"Oo..kay, so you just need to put your IC and name here and sign it..."
The nurse started to key in my data on the computer when she asked,
"May I know your  house phone number?"
I checked on my mobile phone and just remembered it has been formatted and all the numbers were gone,the only number that I remembered is Flo.
"Ermm...I forgot,"
"How about your handphone number?"
"Ermm...yeah that too, I forgot my own number,"
The nurse stared at me but no words came from her mouth.
Finally,"Urmm, never mind, Dr.Aida will only be available at 9.30am so I suggest you go and take your breakfast first,"

At the car I told Flo what has just happened.
"Oh my, you need to read more dear* I was about to respond back when he quickly add*..or is it probably that you 're hungry?"
Luckily he said the magic words.

Back to Dr. Aida's room.
She scanned the baby and the estimate weight is 3.3kg. Right after she done with the scanning I asked her.
"So is the baby a boy or girl?"
"Ehh...you still don't know what's your baby's gender?
She started to scan again.
"Oh the baby's closed both of his/her leg so cannot see clearly,"
Owh too bad....

This is what Dr. Aida has said to us.
"If you still not deliver by 28th, we need to put you on induce otherwise I am afraid the baby would be getting bigger and we need to put you on c-sec after this week,"
Words of induce and c-sec giving me goosebumps.The images of various size of needles stuck into my spine giving me nausea.
"Dear God please let me deliver fast"..

Please baby I beg you to come out within this week otherwise you are going to be push down by an artificial labor.
I don't think you gonna like that, so does mama.

After the review when driving back home all of us were silent, including Ava at the back.
Then Flo said,"It's heavily raining, at least one of your prayer has been answered,"
Yes... and I do hope my other prayer is going to be fulfill soon...very soon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting Mode...

Tapping my hands, contractions come and go, doing spring cleaning, walking for hours at the beach...but still there's no sign of labor to start. My gynae decided to have his weeks off before my due date and if I still insist to have him, getting an induce is the right option. Meaning to say if I agreed to have it, the baby would come out before 24th.(It sounds very tempting)
Well.....on the 10th thought, I'd rather getting another doctor than having to get induce!
Putting IV in my hands is a big no no to me,I had bad experienced with inserting needle to my hand during my first pregnancy. I was dehydration for being too much vomiting due to my morning sickness  ,being warded with IV at my left hand and felt paralyzed for the next 3 days . So I do hope that would be the first and the last experience I had with IV.
Back to the induce process,a few of my friends had experience it and I can tell by their sharing that the pain was much more worst than the natural labor pain.
So I guess just need to wait patiently for baby to voluntarily comes out by his own.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Retail Therapy..

I was on a retail therapy this week.
Choosing items from the web, checked out items and the last progress is waiting anxiously for the postman to deliver them at your front gate.I love the feeling when expecting something from a courier service. As Flo has said to me,"You really know each of the courier services locations here in Miri," hmmm.. would that statement's making me looks like an online shopping addict;p?

 A WeeHugger laundry bag for diapers, pool bag, gym bag or grocery bag. It's a multipurpose tote bag and it's actually the outer print made me desperate to have it!

 Inside of the bag is the weehuggers "wee-be-gone patch". It works to eliminate(odor absorbing) the ammonia smell from the use diapers plus it is reusable over and over again.
The patch can also eliminate the stink from the gym clothes  and wet bathing suit. 
Adding into my crochet collection are the three cute different style of buttons from my favorite online store.

Along with 4 yarns of Rainbow acrylic series. I am still looking for the right pattern with these yarns. Such a beautiful color coordination which makes me feel wants to do nothing about them,lol!

Happy One Malaysia to all my reader..have a great weekend ahead! 

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