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Friday, September 16, 2011

Retail Therapy..

I was on a retail therapy this week.
Choosing items from the web, checked out items and the last progress is waiting anxiously for the postman to deliver them at your front gate.I love the feeling when expecting something from a courier service. As Flo has said to me,"You really know each of the courier services locations here in Miri," hmmm.. would that statement's making me looks like an online shopping addict;p?

 A WeeHugger laundry bag for diapers, pool bag, gym bag or grocery bag. It's a multipurpose tote bag and it's actually the outer print made me desperate to have it!

 Inside of the bag is the weehuggers "wee-be-gone patch". It works to eliminate(odor absorbing) the ammonia smell from the use diapers plus it is reusable over and over again.
The patch can also eliminate the stink from the gym clothes  and wet bathing suit. 
Adding into my crochet collection are the three cute different style of buttons from my favorite online store.

Along with 4 yarns of Rainbow acrylic series. I am still looking for the right pattern with these yarns. Such a beautiful color coordination which makes me feel wants to do nothing about them,lol!

Happy One Malaysia to all my reader..have a great weekend ahead! 

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Cotton House Store said...

That is our yarn! Hehe.
Tq Sheena.

What have you made with those yarns?

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