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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My custom SNUGGbaby Levi's SSC aka SNUGGbaby Stork(2011) Denim SSC

Any of you who followed my blog must think I am crazy enough to own more than one of babywearing gears, but there're mothers out there who shared the same interest like me and owned gorgeous baby slings which I can only dream on to have it.

I just received my custom SSC from Liza Yaakup, the owner of SNUGGbaby.com.
I already have one Snugg SSC from Liz's previous "in stock" but sold it to my sis in law(who also expecting this year) and glad it didn't go that far from me.

 I used the baby cinch belt( very convenient) to tie the folded Stork since I didn't request for a sleeve cover.:)
 Here's the outer part of the Stork SSC.The fabric made from soft denim and it looks like a Levi's jeans material. A fresh design indeed.

Additional features for custom,"zippered pocket" on the body panel. Convenient to put baby's 
cloth wipes or some cash. 
The inner part of the stork. Both hubby and I agreed to choose a red tartan fabric as inner as we thought these combination would look classic. And it is indeed!
I couldn't resist to request for a baby cinch belt and it was FOC.

 The action shots.

 The hand painted typography with the love applique. One of the newest feature on Snuggbaby custom carrier.
Ava's enjoying the ride with the new SSC though she prefer to walk on her own nowadays.
Among a few of baby carries which I own, this design really wins my heart. I don't own a Levi's jeans but I do own a Levi's baby carrier which is far more exciting and satisfying my needs as a hardcore babywearing mama.:) 
Happy Sunday everyone!!

Would love to share you how to wear a newborn with SSC using this method by Liza:

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