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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Stork 2011 SnuggBaby SSC..Truly Love it!

I cannot help it!!Once I saw and it 's still available after 3 days Liz put it on the Cart, I know this lovely carrier was meant to be me as its owner.(Too much reading Becky Bloomwood story).Sold my Patapum SSC and replace with SnuggBaby, the local Malaysian made carrier.
 The SSC is kept snuggly inside the Snugg Carrier Sleeve.The sleeve is attached with the carrier.

The Stork 2011( My all time favorite print, The Flower Shower):).

Spot the difference between the Snugg Baby Version 2011 and 2010?
The Stork 2010 
Picture Taken from the SnuggBaby website.

 Dual adjustment buckles.

 Both paddings has been improvised compare to the old version in terms of thickness and consistency.

 I requested Liz to custom a removable cinch belt made from fabric as well. (So that I can carry Junior even he's still a small baby)
 This is how it looks like when you put the cinch belt on.(Small baby can legs out easily)

 Noted that Flo would not agree when he sees this but I can't help it!!Ava was more than willing to cooperate with me this morning.
Ava without any question followed my instruction and like a cute monkey she hopped at my back which was making my task easy peasy.

I must agreed with Brenda, after scrutinized the materials even closer, the fabric isn't too thick(just enough of the padding to make the body panel feel cushy) and suitable to use with our tropical weather. I would had noticed if it felt hotter when wearing this since I am easily feeling heaty these days.
Overall, the SnuggBaby SSC is quite trim, love that it is not bulky(even the waist is trimmer) and it fit so snuggly with Ava(the description goes well with the name itself.:))
So here is the link of the  instruction on how to put a baby inside the Snugg SSC.

And there are more of Snugg instructions here

The great news is Snuggbaby might start to open a custom slot by early July so you can choose any prints  that you want from the SnuggBaby library.:))

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