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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fluffy Minky Blanket

I specifically  asked Lisa to custom this beautifully made small blanket for my pregnancy since on the early months I was easily feeling terribly cold and then later nausea would hit me like crazy.

I forgot the measurement of this blanket but it is good to bring it for travelling or window shopping since it is very light!
I used it while doing my crochet things, during my sleep and whenever I went inside the mall.
Now that Ava's starting to love this blanket and always carry it around so I have a reason on getting another one more for myself.:P
Lisa design it so that the blanket is reversible and both fabrics were made from minky.
They felt so soft on the skin and seriously it feel "Oh so"comfortable when putting it on the air conditioning room.I can't get enough of this blanket!!Even Flo gave this one the two thumbs up!

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