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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding & My Sista Birthday~ 29th April 2011

I think it's not too late to congratulate both William and Kate for their Royal Wedding and Happy Birthday to my sweet lil sis which is not so little anymore which both held on the 29th April 2011.

Taken from Google.

Picture taken from Google.
Loving every detail of her wedding gown, very classic.. her gown remind me of Julie Andrew when she's wearing a nearly similar wedding gown on one of the scene from the Sound Of Music. William's balding head had been given some reviews but for me, you are still my adoring handsome prince which I totally adore 15th years ago.(Well that was before Prince Harry really starting to come out from the surface;).)

I also have the book portfolio of William & Kate.( Just to let you know that I am quite a fan with this two love bird:)))

Picture taken from Google. 
Ok Tan, I cannot "Save as" your picture from the facebook and I need to "GooGled" your name if I find any and surprised, surprised...I found you!!LOL!!!( I loved Google)
Happy Birthday and Wish You All The Best In The Future. May The Best Man Wins!!hohoho!

Till then, Happy Labour Day To All Malaysian!!

If you wanna see more of the Royal pictures wedding and the Invitees please follow this link :

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