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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New WAHM Cloth Diaper

I happened to get a chance to try out a newly made cloth diaper trial  from Joanne, the owner of everythingbabything.com a few months back but only today I managed to write the full review.

The diaper design is a fitted pocket diaper means there is no waterproof barrier(fitted).The insert can either be place inside the pocket or lay just outside it.The advantage with this kind of design, you can put any kind of insert inside the pocket including microfiber insert(which cannot be touch directly at baby's bum bum).

The diaper itself comes with 4 layers on each of the soaker(cotton) which has 8 layers when combine both of the soaker.

It is uncased on the gusset to give comfort feel to baby. It also has two pocket opening for easy insertion for the soaker.Like what Joanne said,"Put on one side and pull it on the opposite side".

The soaker was design to be similar like the bumwear microfiber insert which makes it faster to dry.( My favorite type of insert)

This is how it looks like when the two soaker/inserts combine together.

The front view.
A side snapping diaper.
Outer made with cotton knit and inside made from suede cloth which touch the baby's bottom.
The diaper trial only comes in Size 2.

Things which can be improved.
1.The side snapping can be done with two buttons.
2.The stitching can be improve as well too.

Other than those two, I would say this diaper has a good absorbency and it is so adorable. I put this diaper on Ava after the 2nd wash and it lasted for 2 in a half hour without cover!The soaker need to be put nicely otherwise it would turn a little bit bulky on baby's bottom.

I still have many more reviews on Malaysian WAHM made diapers and going to post out soon and still many more diapers from Malaysian mom made diapers I haven't try yet and planning to get them in the future to comes.:). Stay tune!!

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