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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jumpsac Orbit SSC ( The New Version )

I finally managed to get a hand for the Jumpsac Orbit SSC Tester!

Thanks to Syaz ( the owner of the JumpsacBaby.com)  for giving me such  opportunity to become one of the tester for the newly improved Jumpsac Orbit SSC.
Once, I had the 1st version of Jumpsac SSC and the newly improved version is much much comfortable with all the padding at right places.(Shoulder padding and waist padding really fits comfortably)I am totally impressed with the new improved Jumpsac Orbit!

What I love :
- The single adjustable buckle.
-The SSC looks wide but it fit snuggly to my girl.
-The shoulder padding goes under my armpit which I prefer to be that way instead of the webbings.
-Back carry is great since I can put my girl high on the waist without feeling any back or shoulder straining.
What I don't like :
-It 's sometimes difficult to find a perfect spot with a seat dart,(probably I still didn't able to adjust properly on that part.) There would be always a space between my girl's bottom and the seat dart and I need to shake/bounce Ava every time so that she can sit properly in it.
-The body panel feels a bit thick  thus it's quiet warm but I don't mind for being a bit warmth with my baby attached to me especially at the crowded places .
I do think this improved one is suitable for a baby 8 months and above since the body panel is higher than the previous one.However there's a trick on getting the small baby sitting higher inside the carrier by putting a small folded towel or bolster on top of the seat dart .
Next, a tester from Snugg Baby, still waiting for my chances to try one .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Want aka One

Mummy shows this to Ava,

"Do you "want" mummy to read 

your book?while passing the book to her.

Ava took the book and answered,


(I might mistakenly pronounced the word wrongly.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Won!!!

A Wahmies Wetbag!! Thanks to everyone who voted Ava and she managed to receive a wonderful cute prize from MyCheekyBoo!!!
Thanks Bonnie. The White Cows prints is truly adorable.

This is the one which Ava won from the Cheeky Boo store

6 pieces of diapers inside the wetbag and still have lots of room to put more diapers.(or other things such as wet cloths and etc)
Speaking about wetbag, now I have three wetbags in my stash. 

First from the top, the prize which currently won is the Wahmies All Day White Cows. Second, Wahmies All Day Retro Circle. Third, Bouncy Baby in Purple and the small one is a wetbag for Cloth Pad from Mama Patch.

 It has double zipper to separate clean and soiled pads. 
I have been using fully cloth pad for almost 4 months. They are seriously comfortable to wear and chemical free.Even for overnight I used the Night Cloth Pad .(It is super comfy compare using the disposable pad).

Another Giveaways which I won this year even I only managed to get the 2nd and 3rd prizes were from the Malaysia Babwearing 10 Contest.

Ava won the category for the Best Happy Picture. The category actually did not exist from the earlier contest but I guess this was one of the surprises category which the organizer announced not until the end of the contest..:)

3rd prize for the Babywearing Men category.
Hubby with his dear cousin Melvin are among the winners..Yippe!!

3rd prize for the Snoozing Baby category.

and I won the 2nd prize for writing an essay "The Importance Of Safe Babywearing"
 It is important to practice safe babywearing because the safety of our little one is our responsibility. Our precious baby is fragile and depends on us for care and protection. On the otherhand safe babywearing need not only refer to the baby but also the babywearer safety.  

First and foremost,  get to know the strength and limitation of your baby carrier. Some carrier are meant for different weather and temperature condition; some are meant for casual wear and others are suited for heavy duty hiking trip; some comes in one size to fit all and some suited for a weight range.
The second point to consider would be practice, practice and practice!!! Get familiar on how to safely put in and take out the baby from the carrier. Practicing with a dummy until you get it right and get somebody to spot you.
The third point to consider is your posture and your foot wears, when it comes to babywearing these two will either make you or break you. Don’t slouch so that your weight is transferred evenly down from you shoulder and hip to the sole of your feet evenly. High heels is nice and sexy but a sprain ankle or a trip and fall might be nasty.
The fourth point to consider is to be vigilant of your surroundings. Watch out for commotion  and sharp object at baby height. Try to keep a gap /distance from your surrounding while babywearing.  
Last but not least, before donning your carrier, it is always good to admire your carrier and at the same time to check if there is any wear and tear. Safety first and you will enjoy babywearing!!!

Looks like I would be receiving and stalking at Mr.Postman for a few deliveries by this end of December..hehe.
It's like receiving gifts from Santa!!:))

Friday, December 10, 2010

I was silent because......

I have been re-discovered my love for sketching for the past few days.
As an amateur, I must say I am quiet happy with the end result but not yet satisfied, there's a lot of error on shading here and there and not to mention my poorly sketched on the figures. But when you have a passion for passion, it would not be possible to just follow your dream, no?

Thumbelina from the adaption of Barbie Thumbelina. Ava truly loves this story.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Changing background for the Advent...Waiting for Christmas to come....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Funny Moments On....


After deciding I should have a personal time alone for a few hours during the weekend, I went to the mall and treated myself with a movie. It is the non-3D cinema but would still making great wonders for a lady who haven't step foot inside the cinema for months!

The movie was hilariously funny and tearful..or was it just me since I haven't watch movies at the cinema for ages till I get over excited?!I might have mixed feeling about this.
Anyway I would like to share a few scene which caught my heart the most and I have been day dreaming of em' for days!

The narrator.
The story started out with a narrator telling a story about a bandit named Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert who had been chased by the King's guards for stealing the " Lost Princess Crown".I am impressed on how the narrator expressed the story lines. It's like when you are listening to a stand out comedian and he's able to make the audience giggles without trying so hard to impressed them, well that's Eugene, the narrator.
Love this scene when Flynn Rider stealing the crown behind the Guard's back and managed to greet gaily to the guard before he went off to the ceiling.

Hide and seek in the jungle.
Incident with the guards chasing Flynn Rider in the jungle. This was when Maximus(The dedicated guard's horse) character came to view and I must say Maximus is my favourite Walt Disney sidekick after Mushu(Mulan guardian dragon). You don't want to miss the scene when Maximus tried to snatch the Crown from Flynn R and Flynn was struggling to get away from Maximus!

Flynn Rider found the Tower.
He successfully managed to hide from Maximus but unfortunately he had been knocked off till he fainted by Rapunzel with a frying pan!
When Flynn Rider tried to persuade Rapunzel to let him go, he gave Rapunzel his best smolder gaze ever which gave me a goosebumps but giggled  till I had tears in my eyes.
The smolder

Rapunzel's poker face when staring at Flynn Rider's smolder face.

The Damsel In Distress free at last.
Finally Rapunzel getting out from the tower and once she set her foot on the ground, she went extremely crazy and hysterically screaming with joy. After a few moments of getting herself excited with everything new around her, she ends up crying and Flynn thought she's just one depressed girl who ain't got nothing to do with him.

Snuggly Duckling
The name sounds quiet harmless right?It is!! but not until you able to muse their heart out.LOL!!

Sword fight with Maximus.
Flynn Rider used a frying pan(which he much impressed by it) to counter defeat Maximus who confidently using a sword to attack Flynn.

Maximus and Flynn Rider re-bound.

Here 's Rapunzel trying to persuade the bored looking Maximus to befriend with Flynn Rider.

Poking each other when Rapunzel not watching.

I could almost felt the softness of Rapunzel's hair!!The anime-maker created it beautifully.
The movie indeed is worth to watch for. 
I cried when Flynn cut off Rapunzel's hair before he died. 
I was like,"Oohh not the hair!!I love the hair!!"..
The story ends up with a closure that had been done and told beautifully by Eugene.(Well except the Rapunzel's brunette short hair,huhuhu).

I am movie-satisfied!But when the cinema's light finally came out and sting my eyes, I know I have to get back to the reality...AGAIN.

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