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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Won!!!

A Wahmies Wetbag!! Thanks to everyone who voted Ava and she managed to receive a wonderful cute prize from MyCheekyBoo!!!
Thanks Bonnie. The White Cows prints is truly adorable.

This is the one which Ava won from the Cheeky Boo store

6 pieces of diapers inside the wetbag and still have lots of room to put more diapers.(or other things such as wet cloths and etc)
Speaking about wetbag, now I have three wetbags in my stash. 

First from the top, the prize which currently won is the Wahmies All Day White Cows. Second, Wahmies All Day Retro Circle. Third, Bouncy Baby in Purple and the small one is a wetbag for Cloth Pad from Mama Patch.

 It has double zipper to separate clean and soiled pads. 
I have been using fully cloth pad for almost 4 months. They are seriously comfortable to wear and chemical free.Even for overnight I used the Night Cloth Pad .(It is super comfy compare using the disposable pad).

Another Giveaways which I won this year even I only managed to get the 2nd and 3rd prizes were from the Malaysia Babwearing 10 Contest.

Ava won the category for the Best Happy Picture. The category actually did not exist from the earlier contest but I guess this was one of the surprises category which the organizer announced not until the end of the contest..:)

3rd prize for the Babywearing Men category.
Hubby with his dear cousin Melvin are among the winners..Yippe!!

3rd prize for the Snoozing Baby category.

and I won the 2nd prize for writing an essay "The Importance Of Safe Babywearing"
 It is important to practice safe babywearing because the safety of our little one is our responsibility. Our precious baby is fragile and depends on us for care and protection. On the otherhand safe babywearing need not only refer to the baby but also the babywearer safety.  

First and foremost,  get to know the strength and limitation of your baby carrier. Some carrier are meant for different weather and temperature condition; some are meant for casual wear and others are suited for heavy duty hiking trip; some comes in one size to fit all and some suited for a weight range.
The second point to consider would be practice, practice and practice!!! Get familiar on how to safely put in and take out the baby from the carrier. Practicing with a dummy until you get it right and get somebody to spot you.
The third point to consider is your posture and your foot wears, when it comes to babywearing these two will either make you or break you. Don’t slouch so that your weight is transferred evenly down from you shoulder and hip to the sole of your feet evenly. High heels is nice and sexy but a sprain ankle or a trip and fall might be nasty.
The fourth point to consider is to be vigilant of your surroundings. Watch out for commotion  and sharp object at baby height. Try to keep a gap /distance from your surrounding while babywearing.  
Last but not least, before donning your carrier, it is always good to admire your carrier and at the same time to check if there is any wear and tear. Safety first and you will enjoy babywearing!!!

Looks like I would be receiving and stalking at Mr.Postman for a few deliveries by this end of December..hehe.
It's like receiving gifts from Santa!!:))


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Congrats Sheena ^_^

Angel said...

Congrats Sheena! Banyak o hadiah ko menang :)

KusmaShoppe said...

congratule y dear friend :) hehe..im coming to Miri town soonest.. meet you there :) hehe..

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