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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Funny Moments On....


After deciding I should have a personal time alone for a few hours during the weekend, I went to the mall and treated myself with a movie. It is the non-3D cinema but would still making great wonders for a lady who haven't step foot inside the cinema for months!

The movie was hilariously funny and tearful..or was it just me since I haven't watch movies at the cinema for ages till I get over excited?!I might have mixed feeling about this.
Anyway I would like to share a few scene which caught my heart the most and I have been day dreaming of em' for days!

The narrator.
The story started out with a narrator telling a story about a bandit named Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert who had been chased by the King's guards for stealing the " Lost Princess Crown".I am impressed on how the narrator expressed the story lines. It's like when you are listening to a stand out comedian and he's able to make the audience giggles without trying so hard to impressed them, well that's Eugene, the narrator.
Love this scene when Flynn Rider stealing the crown behind the Guard's back and managed to greet gaily to the guard before he went off to the ceiling.

Hide and seek in the jungle.
Incident with the guards chasing Flynn Rider in the jungle. This was when Maximus(The dedicated guard's horse) character came to view and I must say Maximus is my favourite Walt Disney sidekick after Mushu(Mulan guardian dragon). You don't want to miss the scene when Maximus tried to snatch the Crown from Flynn R and Flynn was struggling to get away from Maximus!

Flynn Rider found the Tower.
He successfully managed to hide from Maximus but unfortunately he had been knocked off till he fainted by Rapunzel with a frying pan!
When Flynn Rider tried to persuade Rapunzel to let him go, he gave Rapunzel his best smolder gaze ever which gave me a goosebumps but giggled  till I had tears in my eyes.
The smolder

Rapunzel's poker face when staring at Flynn Rider's smolder face.

The Damsel In Distress free at last.
Finally Rapunzel getting out from the tower and once she set her foot on the ground, she went extremely crazy and hysterically screaming with joy. After a few moments of getting herself excited with everything new around her, she ends up crying and Flynn thought she's just one depressed girl who ain't got nothing to do with him.

Snuggly Duckling
The name sounds quiet harmless right?It is!! but not until you able to muse their heart out.LOL!!

Sword fight with Maximus.
Flynn Rider used a frying pan(which he much impressed by it) to counter defeat Maximus who confidently using a sword to attack Flynn.

Maximus and Flynn Rider re-bound.

Here 's Rapunzel trying to persuade the bored looking Maximus to befriend with Flynn Rider.

Poking each other when Rapunzel not watching.

I could almost felt the softness of Rapunzel's hair!!The anime-maker created it beautifully.
The movie indeed is worth to watch for. 
I cried when Flynn cut off Rapunzel's hair before he died. 
I was like,"Oohh not the hair!!I love the hair!!"..
The story ends up with a closure that had been done and told beautifully by Eugene.(Well except the Rapunzel's brunette short hair,huhuhu).

I am movie-satisfied!But when the cinema's light finally came out and sting my eyes, I know I have to get back to the reality...AGAIN.


MH Yap said...

Wow... I feel as if am watching the movie while reading your post!!

But wait. Flynn, the hero in this movie died...? Hmm...

Sheena said...

Hahaha..,he was dead but Rapunzel's tear bring him back to life again..;).though I know the story would ends up with happy ending, I still cried!

dreamChaser said...

aiya..i still havent watch this one o... :)
thnks for sharing this sheena :)

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