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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To Dress 10 pounds Slimmer

Christmas is around the corner, a few wedding invitation need to be attend, family gathering and more function to come.The good thing is I would be able to dress up for the upcoming events and party but the bad thing is...I'am gaining a few pounds after giving birth!! and the weight stay there until now(17 months had passed since I was giving birth).To start a diet plan and exercising is not going to help on hiding the bulge since dieting takes time . It might takes 2 to 3 months to get the result and I only have 3 more weeks to go!!I am desperately need to hide all the unwanted bulges and dress confidently in front of others.
And it's just the right timing I found this site on how to dress 10 pounds slimmer..well I hope this trick would works for me later.:)

Trim Your Tummy
Reach for your empire waist dresses or blouse so that it would draw the attention away from the bulging tummy.Pair with straight leg pants or jeans.Stick with dark solid colors to stay looking slim.Don't wear anything which can draw attention to your waistline.

Slim your behind
Boot-cut and straight leg jeans with darker shades always do wonders on creating a slimmer butt.

Disguised un-toned arms
My arms is flabby but I never a fan on wearing a three-quarter-length sleeves but probably I might give it a try for a dinner reception.
Cinching a belt above your waistline always do a wonder to draw away attention from the arms.

Streamline Chunky Thighs
Go for a flat and simple pants.. excessive detailing would making your  thighs more noticeable.
I don't really go for this style, I prefer to wear a full length knee dress and cinch the belt up to below the chest line.

Downplay a large bust.
I wont be needing this since this is the only part which didn't tag along with the others.lol!
But according from the site, bra fitting is important to make em' looks thinner and making your torso leaner.
For more info on what to Do or Don't wear, browse to the link below:

Images and info are courtesy from the ShoppingLifeStyle

Now off to the closet  in hoping to find a few similar outfits to wear soon!!


dreamChaser said...

this is GREAT!!! :) thnks for sharing :)

Sheena said...

Nancy..u r most welcome.:)

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