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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lack of Style, Is that a crime?

Admiring at my newly bought wedges made me thinking,"When I looked back to the previous one I bought, I always ends up choosing a design either with the same pattern or color ".

Look at this,
These brown sandals meant for a workhorse used aka hiking and running errands.

And since I found out I would never again getting comfortable with my heels when attending any functions.(Imagine running and tagging your toddler inside and outside the ballroom hotel wearing a high heels,it's a nightmare!!)
This heels has done her service well and I am truly love on how tall I look and how I felt sexy when putting this on!Unfortunately my dear, you will be placing safely inside the box to make way for the new one.

So I decided to buy another one which I find the most comfort when wearing it and loving the style.I can even run with it without any sprain ankle.
(I wish the wedges comes with different color tho  but there's only one available.)

Yet I am wondering the design had similarity with my previous one but only this is 2 inches taller.Doesn't that prove I am lacking a sense of style?:((
But as what my other half said."Trust me, your feet looks perfect with this one of a kind. "
Finally..I just rest my case..:))......


Sarah said...

having a toddler running around most of the time i'd settle with comfy shoes. i only wear high heels when i go shopping alone or out with a date with hubs :)

Sheena said...

unfortunately my feet cannot keep up with any high heels anymore after long time didn't use it(since pregnancy).
Feel envy with you girls who still can strut with those sexy thing!

QarezmaV said...

super comfy shoes dont always come in sexy packaging.. so it is a choice... i used to wear my lazy hush puppies loafers everyday to work, but always need heels for outings.. but now with baby, i know what u mean. I went for a wedding last weekend, wearing saree and heels.. just imagine... thank god i had hubby to handle Sanju

MH Yap said...

Sheena, I think most of my shoe design is more or less about the same as you. Anyway, I can't wear high heel also... :P

I just don't feel comfy wearing high heel. Plus wearing high heel will make me looks taller than hubby which he won't be happy with... Hahaha...

Sheena said...

It's not always about style but the most important thing is the comfortness on wearing it but if the two comes in together it s a bonus! Heart Lisa's wegdes unfortunately they don't have my size anymore:(.

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