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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The 3rd Week

Today, I am on the way to end my third week in confinement, still got another week to go, can't wait this to end but thinking back what is actually the difference after ended up the confinement? During this confi..i still take my bath and wash my hair daily ( of course with some herbs, serai( do you know when u get fever u can bathe with serai to reduce the fever), minyak putih and hot water. The dishes seems have no probs with me bcoz I really like to eat chicken soup and in fact I am addicted to it. Going out from the house isn't an issue for me bcoz even before has Ava, most of my time also just staying in the house. ( Gosh my life is quiet bored).
The one and only thing I hope after the confinement is to regain my energy back. Until now I still don't have any energy to wake up after 12am. I did make some effort but it ends up I became very vulnerable, more tired and crancky. So after a discussion with hubby, we let Ava sleep with his mummy until I have my spirit and energy back together. So mummy will take care of Ava after midnite and feed her with my ready pump milk and she will give it to me when Ava next feeding which is always after 4am.
So far my emotion still upside down but not as bad as the last few weeks..later I will cerita Ava's development on my next blog....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So far......

lalalalala..I m not having enuf of sleep...Ava's demanding more of my time for feeding...my emotion is quiet stabil now..have to pump more milk...what day is today? I dunno n i don't care...is my confinement already ended?I've no idea..as long as mummy here then I know my confinement is still on the program..my breast sore...I am a food walking human for my baby..I love it but sometimes a mother also need a time for break..but do u think i want Ava to drink a formula milk from the supermarket?nooooo...I rather feel tired as long as she still need my breastmilk!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reaching 3 weeks...

So many had happened during this three weeks....the first week of my confinement, I was having baby blues traumas..was easily got irritated with people around me for no reason and cry for no reason. The worst part was,trouble in adjusting my sleepin time bcoz starting when Ava's was born,I have to follow the babys' timetable feeding time..the first week was a struggle, my body's weak, my emotion was upside down, I still cannot face the fact that I ve a 24hr task and during that week hubby and mother in law have to feed Ava a formula milk during midnite ( which Ava dislikes it and having difficulty to burp whenever we gave her the milk) because I didn't fully recovered yet and had to get at least 6 hours sleep during the earlier weeks. I would say the first week was the most exhausted and emotionally wrecked.
It's only after the 2nd week I really get to know Ava and bond with her. I then realized her skin has this rosy glow and she's got certains character which I didn't realized on her 1st week old..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The D day...

Finally the day for both of us had been waiting thou we didn't expect that I would delivered in two weeks earlier from the due date..
It started on Monday morning, my pee showed bloody mucus but I didn't realized it until we re backed at the house from the morning walk with Bumble. I already felt the contraction 's starting when we took our mornin walk, it came by 4 mins within and I have to stop walking whenever the pain occured. Backed to the house I was surprised to see lots of blood mucus in the toilet bowl and that's when I knew the time already came.
We went to see our gyneo to confirm about the contraction pain whater it's just false alarm or a real contraction. When doctor told me "your baby already engaged to ur cerviks", I thought I would be delivered in the next few minutes and who had expected I was in 24hr labour pain!!!
I got admitted to the wad soon after meeting with the doctor. It's been a restless hours in the wad waiting for the time Ava would be born. By the clock strike 12 am in midnite, the pain become more increased..I was struggling with the pain, I went out from the room and start walking around the clinic area, doing all sorts of ballet movement while holding the bar..walking alone doesnt make me comfortable..I have to do the squat, strecthing my legs and let out an annoying painfull sounds..on that time I was completely drowned in my own pain, i didnt care the nurse or ppl looking at me.By 2am( I was counting and checking the time all the time), the nurse came over me and asking me whater I would like to have an epidural or not. I did take two jabs of painkiller which only took 30 percent the pain but it didnt work for me ,to make it worst, the effect of the painkiller make me vomitting a few times!!! By 4am the nurse again came in and asked whater I need an epidural, I said no and I asked her to check my serviks whater the dilation already occured or not, noted! a person finger went into your vagina and stucked it very deep, not so comfortable and painful!! especially when the nurse who assisted you didnt have a clue on what she's doin!!! She said no dilation yet but then I alreday felt the pain bcame more increasing disturbing!!!Luckily hubby was there to remain me to keep on doing the yoga breathing, at least it lessen my pain. By 4.30 am I was already screaming in pain and the nurse came in, this time she's very annoyed and asking me WHY I DONT WANT AN EPIDURAL???
Thinking that I my delivery would not come anytime soon, I told hubby I decided to have an epidural thou it was not a good alternative, a bit disapointed hubby informed the nurse I'll be having the epidural, I then was sent to the labour room and all the way I was holding the end of the bed and cannot laying on the bed. At the labour room, hubby saw the Laughing Gas at the corner of the room and requested instead of having the epidural why not we tried the Laughing GAs first, so laughing gas it is, then I noticed there was something came out from the vagina, I looked down and saw a big bubble..well that's what I thought at first, in fact it was the placenta sacks, it already came out half of it!! One of the nurses take a glance on me and gasping, she called Dr.Mattu straight away and informed us the baby head already came out!!Hubby saw the head too..10 mins dr Mattu arrived and it only took about a few mins i did the push and Ava came to our view..it was the most wonderful moment in my life when doctor brought Ava to my lap, all the pain straight away gone. Ava was crying before doctor gave her to me, by the time she's in my lap, she's stop crying and her eyes open looking at me...that's was so amazing and wonderful moment and I kept on recalling it in my mind. One thing for sure I was glad I didn't take the epidural for the effect will take quite long to heal after the delivery and it actually can postponed the delivery. Credit to hubby, you are a very good coach, from the beginning until the end!!! Thanks very much hubby, I love you!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

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