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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The 3rd Week

Today, I am on the way to end my third week in confinement, still got another week to go, can't wait this to end but thinking back what is actually the difference after ended up the confinement? During this confi..i still take my bath and wash my hair daily ( of course with some herbs, serai( do you know when u get fever u can bathe with serai to reduce the fever), minyak putih and hot water. The dishes seems have no probs with me bcoz I really like to eat chicken soup and in fact I am addicted to it. Going out from the house isn't an issue for me bcoz even before has Ava, most of my time also just staying in the house. ( Gosh my life is quiet bored).
The one and only thing I hope after the confinement is to regain my energy back. Until now I still don't have any energy to wake up after 12am. I did make some effort but it ends up I became very vulnerable, more tired and crancky. So after a discussion with hubby, we let Ava sleep with his mummy until I have my spirit and energy back together. So mummy will take care of Ava after midnite and feed her with my ready pump milk and she will give it to me when Ava next feeding which is always after 4am.
So far my emotion still upside down but not as bad as the last few weeks..later I will cerita Ava's development on my next blog....

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