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Monday, April 30, 2012

My current project is...

..A crochet clutch but with a twist of beautiful pattern/stitch which I just learnt  last week.A Mermaid Tears aka Crocodile stitch crochet!
I joined the last minutes CAL(Crochet-A -Long) contest which was organized by my favorite crocheter, Aisyah Helga.
As soon as I finished one of my friend's order I know I need to take a break for a week before proceed to start another order.
I was so excited to learn  new pattern, it looks complicated*at the first sight* but once you know how to do it, it's actually quite simple and easy to follow.Since I only had 2 more days to go*minus the three days practicing and there're errors here and there*,
Finally I completed a small clutch with the requested pattern!

 This is the inside space of the clutch. 
I am happy enough to be able to join the contest and again congratulation to the winners!You guys deserve to win with those gorgeous colors combination and perfect craft-work!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Star Baby Blanket

Made from 6 different colors of cotton milk yarns.The color combo makes it looks cheerful and playful for a baby!:)
This blanket can be use even without the air-conditioner due on how it has been design.* Great insulation*

Two more kid sweater to go and 3 pieces of shawl and I m ready to make some ready stock item for my page.

The star blanket design is the courtesy from The Art Of Crochet by Teresa.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alexander & Alessandra..

 That gown is truly made perfectly for you cuzen!

 The beautiful sister aka the bridesmaid..loving the gown BB!
Only managed to get a picca with aunty Lindai..it's so chaotic I can't get everyone to pose in front of my camera!lol.
Kids!!Including that polka dot lady.

 Opok!Finally!!You look so lovely!
The dashing groom!
 Gorgeous couple!
Beautiful back view of the gown!!

Grandma with Aza.
I only managed to capture a few piccas*the rest were blurs* from the lunch reception,after that was busy handling the kids!
Opok dashing daddy and gorgeous mummy.
 Our current family photos, Ava was having a bad mood situations during this time.Poor she was so sleepy,she managed to get 1 hour sleep inside the car before the lunch reception at KDCA while Flo and I took turns eating Kolo Mee at our fav small restaurant*City Mall*.:)).

Congrats once again to Alessandra & Alexandra!
We're having a great time for crashing your photography session at the church!*Erm sorry bout that, the emcee must be very furious,hehe*

3rd Kinderpack Carrier(Soft Structured Carrier)

I cannot sleep and I have a blogging mojo going on within me..
Another baby carrier spree,bought the last few months ago and it's then officially turned to be as my work-horse carrier after the first try.
Sold my petite Blue Mod Bloom Owl Kinderpack SSC to a sweet mama and left only two. One is the SV Kinderpack aka Flo's personal carrier and the other one is my Purple Mod Heart panel with organic canvas strap in Espresso.Love it so much until I sold my all of my wraps to cover funds for this carrier.
 This is the old version of Kinderpack, bought pre-loved*yet still in the excellent condition*from US mama.

 Cam-whoring at Prince Court,KL.

Gosh these two babies are growing so fast!!
I am loving every part of the design structured of this ssc.
The cushy*yet not over bulky* straps, the cushioned waist-pad and how easy for me to find the good seat for Aza on the seat dart.
Even the length of the strap is just nice for me as it's not as long as the new version of standard Kinderpack nor as short as the petite one.It's just a perfect snugg!*other person might has differ feeling in term of comfort ability* This is base on my solely opinion.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

End of Personal Training Part 1..

Time flew so fast and this month marked  the 3rd month I am with the Core Studio crews.
I m not losing much but my body is leaner and my stamina strength is developing fast and Drew increased my circuit set into 10 sets for 10 different routine exercises,now that's a tough challenge for me after being off from the Core for about 1 week, luckily my strength is still as good as it is*probably even increasing*
Now I need to re-check my everyday menu to make me lose weight a lil bit faster*I did say losing weight is not important on my previous post but after awhile I am tempted to make everything perfect*my accelerating stamina and also my figure:P*
Thanks to Drew for dragging me to kick my butt out from my laziness and sluggishness this evening!

P/S: "Wilhem, it's nice to meet you at the studio just now;)"..

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