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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alexander & Alessandra..

 That gown is truly made perfectly for you cuzen!

 The beautiful sister aka the bridesmaid..loving the gown BB!
Only managed to get a picca with aunty Lindai..it's so chaotic I can't get everyone to pose in front of my camera!lol.
Kids!!Including that polka dot lady.

 Opok!Finally!!You look so lovely!
The dashing groom!
 Gorgeous couple!
Beautiful back view of the gown!!

Grandma with Aza.
I only managed to capture a few piccas*the rest were blurs* from the lunch reception,after that was busy handling the kids!
Opok dashing daddy and gorgeous mummy.
 Our current family photos, Ava was having a bad mood situations during this time.Poor she was so sleepy,she managed to get 1 hour sleep inside the car before the lunch reception at KDCA while Flo and I took turns eating Kolo Mee at our fav small restaurant*City Mall*.:)).

Congrats once again to Alessandra & Alexandra!
We're having a great time for crashing your photography session at the church!*Erm sorry bout that, the emcee must be very furious,hehe*

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