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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

End of Personal Training Part 1..

Time flew so fast and this month marked  the 3rd month I am with the Core Studio crews.
I m not losing much but my body is leaner and my stamina strength is developing fast and Drew increased my circuit set into 10 sets for 10 different routine exercises,now that's a tough challenge for me after being off from the Core for about 1 week, luckily my strength is still as good as it is*probably even increasing*
Now I need to re-check my everyday menu to make me lose weight a lil bit faster*I did say losing weight is not important on my previous post but after awhile I am tempted to make everything perfect*my accelerating stamina and also my figure:P*
Thanks to Drew for dragging me to kick my butt out from my laziness and sluggishness this evening!

P/S: "Wilhem, it's nice to meet you at the studio just now;)"..

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