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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3rd Kinderpack Carrier(Soft Structured Carrier)

I cannot sleep and I have a blogging mojo going on within me..
Another baby carrier spree,bought the last few months ago and it's then officially turned to be as my work-horse carrier after the first try.
Sold my petite Blue Mod Bloom Owl Kinderpack SSC to a sweet mama and left only two. One is the SV Kinderpack aka Flo's personal carrier and the other one is my Purple Mod Heart panel with organic canvas strap in Espresso.Love it so much until I sold my all of my wraps to cover funds for this carrier.
 This is the old version of Kinderpack, bought pre-loved*yet still in the excellent condition*from US mama.

 Cam-whoring at Prince Court,KL.

Gosh these two babies are growing so fast!!
I am loving every part of the design structured of this ssc.
The cushy*yet not over bulky* straps, the cushioned waist-pad and how easy for me to find the good seat for Aza on the seat dart.
Even the length of the strap is just nice for me as it's not as long as the new version of standard Kinderpack nor as short as the petite one.It's just a perfect snugg!*other person might has differ feeling in term of comfort ability* This is base on my solely opinion.  

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