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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Stork 2011 SnuggBaby SSC..Truly Love it!

I cannot help it!!Once I saw and it 's still available after 3 days Liz put it on the Cart, I know this lovely carrier was meant to be me as its owner.(Too much reading Becky Bloomwood story).Sold my Patapum SSC and replace with SnuggBaby, the local Malaysian made carrier.
 The SSC is kept snuggly inside the Snugg Carrier Sleeve.The sleeve is attached with the carrier.

The Stork 2011( My all time favorite print, The Flower Shower):).

Spot the difference between the Snugg Baby Version 2011 and 2010?
The Stork 2010 
Picture Taken from the SnuggBaby website.

 Dual adjustment buckles.

 Both paddings has been improvised compare to the old version in terms of thickness and consistency.

 I requested Liz to custom a removable cinch belt made from fabric as well. (So that I can carry Junior even he's still a small baby)
 This is how it looks like when you put the cinch belt on.(Small baby can legs out easily)

 Noted that Flo would not agree when he sees this but I can't help it!!Ava was more than willing to cooperate with me this morning.
Ava without any question followed my instruction and like a cute monkey she hopped at my back which was making my task easy peasy.

I must agreed with Brenda, after scrutinized the materials even closer, the fabric isn't too thick(just enough of the padding to make the body panel feel cushy) and suitable to use with our tropical weather. I would had noticed if it felt hotter when wearing this since I am easily feeling heaty these days.
Overall, the SnuggBaby SSC is quite trim, love that it is not bulky(even the waist is trimmer) and it fit so snuggly with Ava(the description goes well with the name itself.:))
So here is the link of the  instruction on how to put a baby inside the Snugg SSC.

And there are more of Snugg instructions here

The great news is Snuggbaby might start to open a custom slot by early July so you can choose any prints  that you want from the SnuggBaby library.:))

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Yes, I want to fully breastfeed my baby"..

....And what do you need to expect.

I remembered when the nurse asked me do I want to bottle-feed or breast-feed my newborn after the delivery I answered solemnly,"Breastfeeding,"without knowing what challenges that lay ahead us. There were times whenI cried and cried because I couldn't understand why the baby keep on latching onto my breast and nearly gave up,but of of course, Flo always there to support me on my journey.

So these are some infos for mothers who are planning to fully breastfeed their baby.(Based on my personal experience)
1. For the 1st day of your baby's life, their tummy is still as small as a pea so colostrum is more than enough to feed the baby until your milk supply comes up on the next 2-3 days.(If you don't mind,no need to bring along a tin of formula milk,it s not necessary by the way)

2. There is no baby feeding schedule, he would demand on you anytime,anywhere,probably less than two hours he would request to nurse again.It is normal for a breastfeed baby to nurse frequently and that makes the mother is producing more and more milk supply.
Let say if you want to feed him every 4 hours, your milk supply would abruptly decrease.

3.There is also no time limitation on how long does the baby would latch on each breast since they need to properly empty each mother's breast to get the hindmilk(which high in fat) which always makes the baby doze off as soon as he is getting it.

4.Be prepared for the baby and you to get the rhythm of learning together when he just started to nurse and latch, baby needs to be teach how to latch properly otherwise mother will be getting a seriously breasts soreness/pain.

Preparation for the mother:
1. Set your mindset to commit for the never-ending feeding until your milk supply stabilize, usually it would take up to 3 months for the milk supply to fully increase.

2. Be prepare for the emotional and physical challenges, have faith on your milk production.

3. Continue to prescribe all the pregnancy supplement even after the delivery.(Especially the Neurogain supplement(it helps to keep mother away from the post postpartum depression)

3.People who doesn't familiar with the breastfeeding method would not understand why the baby keep on demanding your milk and would suggest to give a formula milk so that the baby would be less feeding.
( Please don't get tempted on this old wives tales)

4. For those working mother, you need a good breastfeeding pump and a milk storage to keep your milk while you are at work,do read infos for Full Time Working Mother at Farrah's blog.

What breastfeeding accessories does mother need :
1. A good nursing pillow -  This one really comes in hand to support your back, hand and the baby while nursing.

2. A comfortable nursing blouse - An excellent gadget when you are nursing in public.

3. A poncho or a nursing cover - Other good alternative to nurse in public is either using a poncho or nursing cover for a discreet breastfeeding.

4. Nursing cream - To relief your sore breast, even the breastmilk also good to heal the soreness around your nipple area.

5. A ringsling - Dual function, not only you can easily carry your baby but this is also a good option to nurse in discreet.Look here to see Farrah's nursing her newborn with ringsling.

6. Breastpump and Milk storage - This is a must have for a FWTM(Full Time Working Mother)

The most important thing is, a mother who plans to fully breastfeed her baby need a full support from the whole family especially from the spouse.
I won't  stand the way I am today without Flo fully support which started from the beginning.
Good luck on your breastfeeding journey!!

Another good info about breastfeeding please click here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Crochet Baby Imagination Sweater

That's what the tutor(BobWilson123) called it from the YouTube tutorial.

This sweater is a combination of Mikeyssmail and Bobwilson123 patterns and took me about 3 in a half days to completely finish it.

On the other note, we are more than happy to hear the news from our gynae about our baby's gender.It was actually came quite a surprise for me since he(The gynae) told us the other way around on our last meeting. And yeah, I did ask some dumb questions and from the bed(while Doctor still scanning the baby) I saw Flo gave me "the look".LoL!

There are some more extra yarns left, probably either a beanie hat or a booties will be following next.;).

I did a comparison between a size 0-6 months t'shirt with mine, so this outfit should be good to use until Junior turns 3 to 4 months.

It was so easy to follow, why don't you try it your own..:).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I made my own...

Shawl(2nd one actually)!!!Well just a shorty(like what babywearer mamas called it for a shorter wrap,hehe).
It took me almost two weeks to finish this off since I had other commitments to fulfill.

I must admit, there were some flaws here and there but hey, not too bad for a first timer ehh.
(Still has a long way to go for making it to be picture perfect)

 3 Yarns of cotton blended and 1 yarn of 100percent cotton with 4.0mm hook.

A camera with a wrong setting, pretty bad pictures to camwhore.
I must say this is a much lighter and cooler version(since the yarns which I used are 80percent cotton) than the 1st one I made. but it is more likely suitable to use it at cooler place.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fluffy Minky Blanket

I specifically  asked Lisa to custom this beautifully made small blanket for my pregnancy since on the early months I was easily feeling terribly cold and then later nausea would hit me like crazy.

I forgot the measurement of this blanket but it is good to bring it for travelling or window shopping since it is very light!
I used it while doing my crochet things, during my sleep and whenever I went inside the mall.
Now that Ava's starting to love this blanket and always carry it around so I have a reason on getting another one more for myself.:P
Lisa design it so that the blanket is reversible and both fabrics were made from minky.
They felt so soft on the skin and seriously it feel "Oh so"comfortable when putting it on the air conditioning room.I can't get enough of this blanket!!Even Flo gave this one the two thumbs up!

New WAHM Cloth Diaper

I happened to get a chance to try out a newly made cloth diaper trial  from Joanne, the owner of everythingbabything.com a few months back but only today I managed to write the full review.

The diaper design is a fitted pocket diaper means there is no waterproof barrier(fitted).The insert can either be place inside the pocket or lay just outside it.The advantage with this kind of design, you can put any kind of insert inside the pocket including microfiber insert(which cannot be touch directly at baby's bum bum).

The diaper itself comes with 4 layers on each of the soaker(cotton) which has 8 layers when combine both of the soaker.

It is uncased on the gusset to give comfort feel to baby. It also has two pocket opening for easy insertion for the soaker.Like what Joanne said,"Put on one side and pull it on the opposite side".

The soaker was design to be similar like the bumwear microfiber insert which makes it faster to dry.( My favorite type of insert)

This is how it looks like when the two soaker/inserts combine together.

The front view.
A side snapping diaper.
Outer made with cotton knit and inside made from suede cloth which touch the baby's bottom.
The diaper trial only comes in Size 2.

Things which can be improved.
1.The side snapping can be done with two buttons.
2.The stitching can be improve as well too.

Other than those two, I would say this diaper has a good absorbency and it is so adorable. I put this diaper on Ava after the 2nd wash and it lasted for 2 in a half hour without cover!The soaker need to be put nicely otherwise it would turn a little bit bulky on baby's bottom.

I still have many more reviews on Malaysian WAHM made diapers and going to post out soon and still many more diapers from Malaysian mom made diapers I haven't try yet and planning to get them in the future to comes.:). Stay tune!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Early Christmas Tree Miniatures

With some help and tips from Amani , I managed to try out a few simple crochet ornaments which to be hang on our future Christmas tree, hehe. (specifically outfits miniature)
Well, later with all the baby feeding hours which will be in every 2 hours, I don't think that I would be able to make them when Christmas comes into view. So I better start my move before I pop out,probably will be knitting some Christmas gifts as well too .
I'm going to make a few more of these on days to come!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crochet Prayer Shawl

I managed to try out making one simple Prayer Shawl(That's what they called) and it turned out quite colorful :p. This was the 1st attempt of mine and will do more variations of motives for the 2nd one.

Action pix and it's a bit blur.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding & My Sista Birthday~ 29th April 2011

I think it's not too late to congratulate both William and Kate for their Royal Wedding and Happy Birthday to my sweet lil sis which is not so little anymore which both held on the 29th April 2011.

Taken from Google.

Picture taken from Google.
Loving every detail of her wedding gown, very classic.. her gown remind me of Julie Andrew when she's wearing a nearly similar wedding gown on one of the scene from the Sound Of Music. William's balding head had been given some reviews but for me, you are still my adoring handsome prince which I totally adore 15th years ago.(Well that was before Prince Harry really starting to come out from the surface;).)

I also have the book portfolio of William & Kate.( Just to let you know that I am quite a fan with this two love bird:)))

Picture taken from Google. 
Ok Tan, I cannot "Save as" your picture from the facebook and I need to "GooGled" your name if I find any and surprised, surprised...I found you!!LOL!!!( I loved Google)
Happy Birthday and Wish You All The Best In The Future. May The Best Man Wins!!hohoho!

Till then, Happy Labour Day To All Malaysian!!

If you wanna see more of the Royal pictures wedding and the Invitees please follow this link :

A Gift from someone Dearie...

She just awoke from nap when posing with her brand new toy.So please ignore the "poker face" face.
It was a gift from a few special persons of ours. Thank You!
It can be as her advanced birthday present as well which will be held in June and also about time she learns how to play Lego. What a good start to enhance her creativity skill even more.

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