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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Friday, April 29, 2011

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Oh yeah, the phrases sounds a bit cliché but it actually is a good remedy for your sanity.

Why Would You Need It?
1. To get away from a bad company.
2. Stay away from scumbag.
3. To keep track on your sanity/staying positive.
4. To go on with your life -Babai gaman.
5.Just like a phrase " Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali?"You don't want that kind of thing happen, do you?
6. To Zen your thought,emotionally and physically.
7. To make sure you stay in focus on what really matter i.e those who really care and love you and not letting scumbags affect your other healthy relationships.
8. To be healed from back stabbing, double face masquerading chameleon.
Picture taken form Google.
How To Do It?
1. Stay away from them. Your soul and mind need to be cleanse from all the hatred, it would be difficult to throw the hatred away when you still around with those negative company.
2. Keep your faith alive. Don't let rotten people take away your hope and happiness, trust God.
3. Always remember that they don't have any power over you. They can try but they will crash and burn.
4. People always say forgive and forget , the correct expression is forgive and learn from it. Never forget the lesson.
5. Scumbags why do you hate them? Hate is only a short term solution, you should take it as a signal that you need to move on from them and find good and positive and real people.

 In a nutshell ; Get them out of your sight, so that they stop poisoning your mind.

Nighty Nite...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am Totally Hook-ed!!

These were just came yesterday and I am quiet excited about it especially to plan what to do with them after I finished my latest project!!

 12 Rainbow pieces of Aluminium Crochet Hooks.( So that I can use with different type of yarn thickness)

 From the left : Cotton Blend Dark Purple, Cotton Shine Pink Orange, Bamboo Blue Jeans ( I loved this type of yarn!It is antibacterial and suitable for making baby products, in fact I just placed another order for this type.) and the Pure Cotton Dark Brown.
 Last but not least I also purchased some cute buttons for adding some decors for my upcoming projects.

My latest...still got a long way to go before I upload the complete finishing.

Here is the E-Store which I purchased all of these stuff : http://www.cottonhousestore.com(The shipping is quiet fast, I ordered on Sunday night, the parcel arrived at Tuesday)
The texture of the Cotton and Bamboo yarns are softer compare to Acrylic yarn(which happened easier to find at our local store) and suitable for making garments.I don't think I found any Cotton and Bamboo yarn while I was in the look out shopping for yarns in Miri, most of them either pure or blended Acrylic, even though I did actually found a cotton yarn, the yarn is way too thin for my liking.
I can't wait to finish up my current "Do" and to start out a new project..This current obsession of mine truly 's making me feel so alive!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Little Book of Procrastination Remedies by Leo Babauta

This article was taken from the Leo Babauta site which he wrote himself. 
Procrastination is one of those topics that, it seems, I can’t write enough about. There isn’t a person among us who doesn’t procrastinate, and that’s a fact of life.
It’s deep within us. We think we’re going to do something later, or read that classic novel later, or learn French later. But we always overestimate how much we can do later, and we overestimate the ability of our later selves to beat procrastination.
If our current self can’t beat procrastination, why will our future self do it?
I thought I should cover some of the best procrastination-beating strategies, in light of my recent book, focus. People seem to want ways to beat procrastination, so they can actually get down to focusing.
Here’s a quick guide.

Why We Procrastinate

Let’s take a quick look at what makes us procrastinate. There are several reasons, which are related in various ways:
1. We want instant gratification. Resting on the couch is thought of as nicer, right now, than going on a run. Reading blogs is easier, right now, than reading a classic novel. Checking email or Facebook is easier, now, than doing that project you’ve been putting off. Eating chocolate cake is tastier, right now, than eating veggies.
2. We fear/dread something. We might not write that chapter in our book because there are problems with the writing that we haven’t figured out (often because we haven’t thought it through). Or we might be afraid we’re going to fail, or look ignorant or stupid. We’re most often afraid of the unknown, which has more power because we don’t examine this fear — it just lurks in the back of our minds. Dreading or fearing something makes us want to put it off, to postpone even thinking about it, and to do something easy and safe instead.
3. It’s easy – no negative consequences right now. When we were in school and had a teacher looking over our shoulders and scolding us if we didn’t do our work, we tended to do the work (until some of us learned that we could tune out the scolding, that is). But when we got home, sometimes no one would be looking over our shoulders … so there wasn’t any immediate negative consequence to watching TV or playing games instead. Sure, we’d get a bad grade tomorrow, but that’s not right now. The same is true of using the Internet or doing other kinds of procrastination tasks — we’ll pay for it later, but right now, no one is getting mad at us.
4. We overestimate our future self. We often have a long list of things we plan to do, because we think we can do a lot in the future. The reality is usually a little worse than we expected, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking the future will be different yet again. For the same reason, we think it’s OK to procrastinate, because we’re going to do it later, for sure. Our future self will be incredibly productive and focused! Except, our future self is also lazy, and doesn’t do it either. Damn future self.

Four Powerful Solutions

Now that we know the problems, the solutions aren’t that hard to figure out. Just don’t put them off, OK?
1. Stop and think. When we allow the above thoughts to go on without really being conscious of them, we procrastinate. When we actually pause and think about those thoughts, we can rationally see that they’re wrong. Instant gratification in the form of goofing off or eating junk food can lead to problems later. Fears are overblown and shouldn’t stand in our way. Not having negative consequences now doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences later. Our future self isn’t as bad-ass as we like to think. So think about what you’re doing, and start to do the more rational thing. Use the strategies below as well, but thinking is the start.
2. Enjoy the process. When we dread something, we put it off — but instead, if we can learn to enjoy it, it won’t be as hard or dreadful. Put yourself in the moment, and enjoy every action. For example, if you want to go out to run, don’t think about the hard run ahead, but about putting on your shoes — enjoy the simplicity of that action. Then focus on getting out the door — that’s not hard. Then focus on warming up with a fast walk or light jog — that can be nice and enjoyable. Then feel your legs warm up as you start running a little faster, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. This process can be done with anything, from washing dishes to reading to writing. Enjoy yourself in the moment, without thinking of future things you dread, and the activity can be very pleasant and even fun. And if it is, you won’t put it off.
3. Set up accountability. If no one is looking over our shoulder, we tend to let ourselves slack off. So set up a procrastination-proof environment — find people to hold you accountable. I joined an online fitness challenge this month, for example, so that I’d report my workouts to the forum. I’ve done the same thing for running, quitting smoking, writing a novel. You can even just use your friends and family on Facebook or email.
4. Block your future self. Your future self is just as likely to put things off. So block that sucker. Use a program like Freedom to block your Internet access for a predetermined amount of time, so your future self has to actually focus instead of reading blogs. Turn off your cable TV, get rid of the junk food in your house, cut up your credit cards … do whatever it takes to make it really hard for your future self to procrastinate or give in to temptation, or at least force your future self to pause and think before he does anything dumb.

A Different Mindset

Three other things that must be said about procrastination:
1. Do what excites you. If you do what you’re excited about most of the time, you’ll be less likely to put it off. Focus on why it excites you, rather than the dreaded aspects of the activity. I do this and my procrastination is lower than ever.
2. Productively procrastinate. If you’re going to procrastinate, do other productive things instead. So if you don’t want to do your project, at least get some smaller tasks done. Read more.
3. Sometimes, procrastination is OK. I’m not anti-procrastination, at all. This guide is for those who want to beat it, but in my book, lazing around can be a beautiful thing. Reading stuff on the Internet that I’m interested in isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, give in to procrastination. But other times, you might want to get off that lazy butt and actually accomplish something.
For more info, link to this :

Monday, April 25, 2011


I just bought this Korean DVD drama series(promising to be different from other Korean dramas storyline ) last week but haven't got chance to watch and wondering when will I have the time to do this. Watching a drama series is not the same like watching a 90 minutes movie. It can actually take your time until a half day or a day just sitting down and desperately watching it until finish the last episodes. I remembered last time during my uni year I could actually staying in my room for 2 days in a row for a weekend enjoying the 30 episodes of one of the Korean Drama.

I was actually planning to get the Anthena but the story is the continuous from Iris, so better grab the Iris series first. 

The reason that I bought this was the Korean guy from the G.I Joe movie is actually the main character for this drama. Too bad his character had been killed in the G.I Joe. I just hope he would be still alive until the end of this episodes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The phase of "Terrible Two"

" They are looking so cute when they get together with their good manner but once they change their persona into a quite mutant toddler( think Professor Xavier who just found a mutant kid which still got no hold on their superpower before they become one his ally ), your world would start turning upside down,"quoted from a pregnant lady herself who's having a meltdown.

When you are having a lovely young toddler who's adventurous enough to turn a room like a circus, prevent you from getting even a 10 minutes nap, her curiosity "killed the cat" and screaming hysterically whenever her demand is not approve....What will you do?What if your own condition is also one of the challenges that you need get through and  keep up with your kid?Whatever you are tired or in pain,you have no choice but to get you act together to make sure that each steps your made would not be affecting on what they will turn out to be in the future.
BUT I have to admit that it was not easy, especially when hormones swelling and churning inside me..my emotion is quite hard to keep in the good track.

Send her to the play school : Flo is not in favor on sending her to the play school  since he doesn't want to risk any kind of sickness(from other kid) and it would be an extra work for us(especially me).
A stay in house Baby Sitter : Nowadays, babysitter is HTF ( Hard To Find).
Sending her to our parents' house : Hmmm, No, I am afraid she might forget about us.LOL!!!

Yes, we have another alternative solution but let me post that out in some other time.
This last few days I was having quite a hard time dealing with the Terrible Two attitude and as I am just reaching the 2nd trimester, I am adjusting the new phase of my pregnancy and this is probably one of the reason why I didn't manage to keep up with her during this weeks.Let's just hope it will be getting better days by days.

Then suddenly my emotion changed into something else when I saw her face. Just awhile ago,she was awake from her nap and at the front door looking for me while I just finished getting the laundry.
An innocent face who needs me the most and trusting me to take care of her.
All the frustration and stressfulness washed away just by staring at her lovely face who is right now need some hug and cereal from her beloved mama.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Mama,it's foot,"

Last Sunday, hubby generously got Ava a horse toy which she can ride and rocking on it.
So yesterday Ava was trying to get her both feet on the saddle and I tried to help her.
"Ava, that's it, put your leg on the saddle,"
Ava looked at me and there was a pause,then she answered.
Ops... "hrmmm, yes, I mean your foot,"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another KL Trip and Aquaria KLCC

 I m not really eating during our stay at KL since I was craving Laksa Sarawak all the time,huhuhu.

 Man-made Tsunami and so on..Barriers all of those and we as one family will still be sticking together as strong as before.

 " erk..what's up with the menu!!"
 I was feeling sick and cold to the bone whenever I was inside the air conditioned places, so I decided to wrap my head up with a scarf and it did help me to warm up and feeling comfortable.

As a fashion statement too, and now I know how to appreciate all the women who are using scarf/tudung. It took some effort and time to make it neat on your head. I am kinda like it wrapping my head with beautiful scarf and  actually purchased a few during my trip there.

At CHILIS, Flo favorite spot to hang out and dine.

 Papa and daughter bonding. Adorable!!

 Finally after nearly one year, Ava and Charm Charm have found each other again.

 Cousin meet up..to many story to catch up since they usually only got chance to meet up in once a year.

 Charm Charm is a pro when posing at the camera while Ava was busy checking at her new toys, some gift from aunt Nozie and uncle Inon.

 Missing Charm Charm already!By this time, Ava dah zzzzz...

 Thank You for the unexpected presents from both aunt and uncle!!

 Tonimer baby spray! Nozie helped me to get this since this is nowhere to be found in Miri, really helped Ava to relief her stuffy nose during this flu season.

 Yes, that's the leash for toddler, really helped me to keep Ava on view when only both of us strolling at KLCC.

 Inside the otter's aquarium.

 Ava's not feeling comfortable inside the pod. One thing we realized during our trip that she had a slightly claustrophobia issue.

 Ava," So where's the fish???"

 Inside the Aquaria KLCC.(RM35 per person entry)

 It's kind of weird to watch a shark passing by your head.

 Swamp fishes.

 Piranhas. I was having a nightmare about piranhas on that night itself!

 Feeding time!!

Got myself a DIY portrait.(Paint It Yourself).Planning to paint the naked portrait  during this weekend.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Done! For our 2nd Junior.

Quoted from the above topic, I will be keeping this hat for 2nd Junior since it doesn't fit on Ava's head.I had missed calculated the chains which made it turned into a smaller size.(noted to myself, added 100-200 more after the 80 chains and probably need to use a bigger needle.)
Bravo to me as I finally finished it off in not less than two days.

 My 1st attempt on crocheting a fully flower pattern.

Another project to come with lots of cute various color of yards!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My 2nd project...

Half way to finish a simple crochet hat for Ava.(Finger crossed hoping it would fit inside her head!!)
Now I can understand how does the WAHM working(not that I wanted to be a WAHM but ok la...ada mimpi mimpi juga kadang-kadang:P).
I am having a difficulty to concentrate my project while Ava 's around and need to distract her attention to other things, and 5 minutes later she would come back to me and trying to take the needle away and again..I need to stop on whatever I was doing. I gave her the yard to play but within 10 mins she already searching for something else to play. So the best time to do my newly obsession is either during her napping time or when Flo is around.
Salute to all the WAHM out there!(Timing arrangement is all the matter.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

" It's not milo crunch"

We are trying to persuade Ava to drink milk other than my breastmilk but always failed. So Flo added some of her favourite milo crunch inside the cup with full of soy milk and gave it to her.
Ava suspiciously peeping inside her cup and ask Flo,
"What is this?"
"It's your milo crunch,"
Ava shook her head,"No!" and walk away.
Another failed attempt.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doll Poncho

I meant to make a baby poncho but then realized that I didn't create long enough for it to fit inside a newborn's head, so this cutey goes to Nini since her original outfit had been located somewhere which
"Ava only  know where it was."

 Ta daaa!!!Nini got a new wardrobe aka poncho.

Ava : "Hmmmm...And I thought I said it out loud that Nini will be forever naked?!"

I added a line of flowery pattern, at least there's a good finishing at the end of the border.

Here's another action pix on Nini with the added finishing.

Learning crochet nowadays is a lot easier with YouTube!!Cannot wait to start another project soon!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So what's up with me on being MIA(Missing In Action) for the last 3 months? I am not periodically  missing in blogger's world, in fact I am a still following and reading others bloggers post and learnt something new every time I read someone's post. To be honest, I nearly gave up hope on blogging and been thinking to stop writing for good in whatever reason.But as my previous post said, a friend and also Flo had been advising me not to limit myself on what I loved to do just because I am feeling affected by my surrounding. Finally, I took their challenge and here I am, rambling inside my good old blog again.
I was actually quiet active on my facebook page but it doesn't help me to surpass my thinking just like I did with my Sheena D. posts. I truly missed my blogging times!
Morning sickness also had been tormenting me badly during my 1st trimester of pregnancy.(which also one of the reason I can't do any writing, I was totally lost with my sickness).I had been having serious heartburn which lead to vomit, migraine, sensitive on the smells of food, even I cannot stand with Ava's smell of pee coming from her cloth diaper(speaking of cloth diaper addict I am not totally a hardcore cloth diaper mummy during those times of sickness, I rather grab the dispo to lessen my pain)and I was having an emotional breakdown, probably because of those crazy pregnancy hormones.In addition of my pregnancy, I have my acne back!!which is so hideous!I cannot look at myself at the mirror, it started as a red mark and turned into a black spot, lots of black spots are coming back to my face just like my 1st time preggy!Oh my..I guess I would just have to deal with it during this 9 long months.(Correction,it will be only 6 months to go!!)
Now I am in my 2nd Trimester and surprise surprise, my vomiting almost stop, I m not getting anymore heartburn nowadays and I can actually smell food(well most of the time,my  2nd pregnancy is better than the 1st one)I m getting better each day and started to work out my butt. Walking by foot from Traders Hotel to KLCC actually helped me a lot on boosting my metabolism. We were at KL for 4 days during Flo's business trip from last week and he drag me to walk instead of taking the Buggy Car to go to the KLCC mall.Ava on the other hand was happily sitting inside her stroller while I was struggling to catch my breath pushing her all the way to KLCC(when Flo was not around of course) , lucky girl!!
Enough with the rambling, later I will be posting out my diaper review from one of the WAHM(Malaysia) in the making, my splurge on new cloth diapers when I was mentally sick at the beginning of my pregnancy,my new stash of baby carrier although I  mentioned to Rita I was tired of shopping baby carrier because of my nausea but I still done a little bit of damage by getting a custom.hehe, and my own version of " Why I want to breastfeed my 2nd baby..again".
Oooh and photos of Ava and Flo swimming with otters at Aquaria KLCC and Ava catching up with Charm Charm,seriously they were looking so cute passing the toys with each other!

Good Day!!!!

At last, after feeling down for several months from a man-made tsunami ..I am finally back!With a new perspective and spirit, I will continue blogging and splash my uncensored thought through my writing.

 It's been tiring to think and analyse of the Why?s and Who?s of the tsunami. The pieces of puzzle so far have shade some light on why the man-made tsunami hit.

Regardless of the Why?s and Who?s The important thing is, concentrate on what I have now, build it up and ignore all those bad vibes around me. Don't expect people to change, but I can change myself and be a better and stronger person in facing scheming nequam.

To be a scheming nequam and to entertain the scheme of a nequam is just worthless. Everybody get tired, and no gain.

Oh and as you all know, I am now entering the 2nd Trimester on my pregnancy!!Yeah, Ava's going to be a big sister soon!!

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