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Friday, April 15, 2011

Another KL Trip and Aquaria KLCC

 I m not really eating during our stay at KL since I was craving Laksa Sarawak all the time,huhuhu.

 Man-made Tsunami and so on..Barriers all of those and we as one family will still be sticking together as strong as before.

 " erk..what's up with the menu!!"
 I was feeling sick and cold to the bone whenever I was inside the air conditioned places, so I decided to wrap my head up with a scarf and it did help me to warm up and feeling comfortable.

As a fashion statement too, and now I know how to appreciate all the women who are using scarf/tudung. It took some effort and time to make it neat on your head. I am kinda like it wrapping my head with beautiful scarf and  actually purchased a few during my trip there.

At CHILIS, Flo favorite spot to hang out and dine.

 Papa and daughter bonding. Adorable!!

 Finally after nearly one year, Ava and Charm Charm have found each other again.

 Cousin meet up..to many story to catch up since they usually only got chance to meet up in once a year.

 Charm Charm is a pro when posing at the camera while Ava was busy checking at her new toys, some gift from aunt Nozie and uncle Inon.

 Missing Charm Charm already!By this time, Ava dah zzzzz...

 Thank You for the unexpected presents from both aunt and uncle!!

 Tonimer baby spray! Nozie helped me to get this since this is nowhere to be found in Miri, really helped Ava to relief her stuffy nose during this flu season.

 Yes, that's the leash for toddler, really helped me to keep Ava on view when only both of us strolling at KLCC.

 Inside the otter's aquarium.

 Ava's not feeling comfortable inside the pod. One thing we realized during our trip that she had a slightly claustrophobia issue.

 Ava," So where's the fish???"

 Inside the Aquaria KLCC.(RM35 per person entry)

 It's kind of weird to watch a shark passing by your head.

 Swamp fishes.

 Piranhas. I was having a nightmare about piranhas on that night itself!

 Feeding time!!

Got myself a DIY portrait.(Paint It Yourself).Planning to paint the naked portrait  during this weekend.

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