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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So what's up with me on being MIA(Missing In Action) for the last 3 months? I am not periodically  missing in blogger's world, in fact I am a still following and reading others bloggers post and learnt something new every time I read someone's post. To be honest, I nearly gave up hope on blogging and been thinking to stop writing for good in whatever reason.But as my previous post said, a friend and also Flo had been advising me not to limit myself on what I loved to do just because I am feeling affected by my surrounding. Finally, I took their challenge and here I am, rambling inside my good old blog again.
I was actually quiet active on my facebook page but it doesn't help me to surpass my thinking just like I did with my Sheena D. posts. I truly missed my blogging times!
Morning sickness also had been tormenting me badly during my 1st trimester of pregnancy.(which also one of the reason I can't do any writing, I was totally lost with my sickness).I had been having serious heartburn which lead to vomit, migraine, sensitive on the smells of food, even I cannot stand with Ava's smell of pee coming from her cloth diaper(speaking of cloth diaper addict I am not totally a hardcore cloth diaper mummy during those times of sickness, I rather grab the dispo to lessen my pain)and I was having an emotional breakdown, probably because of those crazy pregnancy hormones.In addition of my pregnancy, I have my acne back!!which is so hideous!I cannot look at myself at the mirror, it started as a red mark and turned into a black spot, lots of black spots are coming back to my face just like my 1st time preggy!Oh my..I guess I would just have to deal with it during this 9 long months.(Correction,it will be only 6 months to go!!)
Now I am in my 2nd Trimester and surprise surprise, my vomiting almost stop, I m not getting anymore heartburn nowadays and I can actually smell food(well most of the time,my  2nd pregnancy is better than the 1st one)I m getting better each day and started to work out my butt. Walking by foot from Traders Hotel to KLCC actually helped me a lot on boosting my metabolism. We were at KL for 4 days during Flo's business trip from last week and he drag me to walk instead of taking the Buggy Car to go to the KLCC mall.Ava on the other hand was happily sitting inside her stroller while I was struggling to catch my breath pushing her all the way to KLCC(when Flo was not around of course) , lucky girl!!
Enough with the rambling, later I will be posting out my diaper review from one of the WAHM(Malaysia) in the making, my splurge on new cloth diapers when I was mentally sick at the beginning of my pregnancy,my new stash of baby carrier although I  mentioned to Rita I was tired of shopping baby carrier because of my nausea but I still done a little bit of damage by getting a custom.hehe, and my own version of " Why I want to breastfeed my 2nd baby..again".
Oooh and photos of Ava and Flo swimming with otters at Aquaria KLCC and Ava catching up with Charm Charm,seriously they were looking so cute passing the toys with each other!


Hidayah said...

So jeles la...still undecided when will we try for another one...it left unspoken

Sheena said...

hehehe,dont think to much about that,just let the time decide.;).

Rima said...

Hello kakak!i feel glad that you're back on board(:

Sheena said...

Thanks Atria:))

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