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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The phase of "Terrible Two"

" They are looking so cute when they get together with their good manner but once they change their persona into a quite mutant toddler( think Professor Xavier who just found a mutant kid which still got no hold on their superpower before they become one his ally ), your world would start turning upside down,"quoted from a pregnant lady herself who's having a meltdown.

When you are having a lovely young toddler who's adventurous enough to turn a room like a circus, prevent you from getting even a 10 minutes nap, her curiosity "killed the cat" and screaming hysterically whenever her demand is not approve....What will you do?What if your own condition is also one of the challenges that you need get through and  keep up with your kid?Whatever you are tired or in pain,you have no choice but to get you act together to make sure that each steps your made would not be affecting on what they will turn out to be in the future.
BUT I have to admit that it was not easy, especially when hormones swelling and churning inside me..my emotion is quite hard to keep in the good track.

Send her to the play school : Flo is not in favor on sending her to the play school  since he doesn't want to risk any kind of sickness(from other kid) and it would be an extra work for us(especially me).
A stay in house Baby Sitter : Nowadays, babysitter is HTF ( Hard To Find).
Sending her to our parents' house : Hmmm, No, I am afraid she might forget about us.LOL!!!

Yes, we have another alternative solution but let me post that out in some other time.
This last few days I was having quite a hard time dealing with the Terrible Two attitude and as I am just reaching the 2nd trimester, I am adjusting the new phase of my pregnancy and this is probably one of the reason why I didn't manage to keep up with her during this weeks.Let's just hope it will be getting better days by days.

Then suddenly my emotion changed into something else when I saw her face. Just awhile ago,she was awake from her nap and at the front door looking for me while I just finished getting the laundry.
An innocent face who needs me the most and trusting me to take care of her.
All the frustration and stressfulness washed away just by staring at her lovely face who is right now need some hug and cereal from her beloved mama.

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