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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am Totally Hook-ed!!

These were just came yesterday and I am quiet excited about it especially to plan what to do with them after I finished my latest project!!

 12 Rainbow pieces of Aluminium Crochet Hooks.( So that I can use with different type of yarn thickness)

 From the left : Cotton Blend Dark Purple, Cotton Shine Pink Orange, Bamboo Blue Jeans ( I loved this type of yarn!It is antibacterial and suitable for making baby products, in fact I just placed another order for this type.) and the Pure Cotton Dark Brown.
 Last but not least I also purchased some cute buttons for adding some decors for my upcoming projects.

My latest...still got a long way to go before I upload the complete finishing.

Here is the E-Store which I purchased all of these stuff : http://www.cottonhousestore.com(The shipping is quiet fast, I ordered on Sunday night, the parcel arrived at Tuesday)
The texture of the Cotton and Bamboo yarns are softer compare to Acrylic yarn(which happened easier to find at our local store) and suitable for making garments.I don't think I found any Cotton and Bamboo yarn while I was in the look out shopping for yarns in Miri, most of them either pure or blended Acrylic, even though I did actually found a cotton yarn, the yarn is way too thin for my liking.
I can't wait to finish up my current "Do" and to start out a new project..This current obsession of mine truly 's making me feel so alive!!!

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Anonymous said...

quiet cheap jg oh sana cottonhouse...
sy pusing2 sini jb cari brg2 crochet, xda jual (or sy yg xtau mn mo cari..hehe).
btw, cantik2 projects yg ko kasi siap(thumbs up)

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