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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doll Poncho

I meant to make a baby poncho but then realized that I didn't create long enough for it to fit inside a newborn's head, so this cutey goes to Nini since her original outfit had been located somewhere which
"Ava only  know where it was."

 Ta daaa!!!Nini got a new wardrobe aka poncho.

Ava : "Hmmmm...And I thought I said it out loud that Nini will be forever naked?!"

I added a line of flowery pattern, at least there's a good finishing at the end of the border.

Here's another action pix on Nini with the added finishing.

Learning crochet nowadays is a lot easier with YouTube!!Cannot wait to start another project soon!!


MH Yap said...

wow.. cute!! maybe I should ask Hanz to get me books on crocheting and knitting if she manage to go to the book sales tommorrow. Hahaha...

Sheena said...

Thanks MH!!I learnt the basic from the book but to make a project better check at You Tube, they provide a good step by step for us to follow.:))

Ipo De Sean said...

Eee cute... power la.. yg sa buat tidak pandai siap2..last2 mamy yg p sambung...hehe..

Sheena said...

Po, yg ni pun sia ikut bulat2 dari YouTube ni, hari2 sia login sana cari pattern yang sia buli buat.heheh.

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