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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award from Beaty

I received  this from my dear friend blogger, Beaty , a passionate photographer from Ranau which I am originally a Ranau-an but migrated from place to place until I finally settling down at the small but hip town Miri, Sarawak.

Ok, so this is how we're going to do it :
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person
Thanks Beaty!!!yayy!!

2.Need to choose  15 awesome bloggers and their blog!! 
All of the below are my fav's blog

11. Farrah

3. Tell 7 things about me

1.I am an avid babywearing and cloth diaper.
2.A Sidney Sheldon fan.
3.Loves fairytales.
4.Still looking for the right career which suit to my passion.(For the time being a freelance cloth diaper adviser is just perfect and fun for me , now looking forward to know more about babywearing information and details so that can help other mummies to choose what's best to get.)
5.At the moment, I love being a stay at home mother .
6.I am an avid blogger.
7. I am not ashamed to say this but I have a depression which do come and go
(No pittiness  allowed please,hehe)
Fully breastfeeding my lil one for 6 months really helps me a lot on  recovering  which of course it took sometimes for it to take effect and realize it's actually helped me on beating my anxieties, there's a scientific explanation bout this and if you want to know more, do Google-d it out .

Alrighty then..I would just post this at my FB wall and hopes everyone who got mentioned on the above would post this award at your blog..Thanks!!! 



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When will be the time.....

I'll be starting to sketch  again??!!!
I am dying to start my new project but somehow my laziness is far more greater than my passion right now.
I have  almost everything is ready..the drawing utensils, a few drawing pads,reference books, notes from my previous tutor and many tutors from the You Tube!!
The only thing that I need now is to drag my butt to the table and start sketching !!!
I am not a "Pro" but I grew up with the love of sketching since I was little and until now the passion is still there. While all of my friends got hit by the SPM examination fever , I ends up drawing portraits of people instead off doing the last minutes revision(That explained why I had such a bad result later which I never regret.) . It's the only thing that I am passionate about other than my cloth diapering and babywearing mania(which somehow hit me after upgrading to a motherhood year)..
"So lazy bum, let's get things work up ok"!!!!

By the way,  whoever took my sketches after I left study at Kuching please step up front!!
They're very precious to me and one of a kind, and I don't think I could ever draw like that again!!!hehe....

Friday, October 8, 2010

A few marks to remind myself .(To Take Charge As a Mom)

1. Not easily talked into things by other.(But indeed open for any opinions).

2. Must be a good questioner, not just taking things at face value.

3. Considers all available information when working on a problem or making a decision.

4. Must clearly articulate my beliefs and how I came to believe them.

5. Evaluates any message in light of the sender and the sender's motivation.

6. Need to be wary of anyone who says,"We do it this way because that's the way we've always done it" or "We do it this way because that's the way everyone does it".(Whenever this kind of situation occurs...the important thing is to be open minded with any given suggestions and views)

Nowadays our lil girl always got some project running in her head and  full of surprises.She don't even have the time to take an action pix!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My BabyWearing Safety Checklist...(In Conjunction The International Babywearing Week Safe Babywearing:Enjoy The Benefits)

1. Where I live it is a warm  and humid, so I would dress lightly since the carrier is adding additional layer around me and Ava.

2. I usually wear Ava as low as possible and only standing up when I feel confident that I am wearing her correctly.

3. When she struggles, I let her loose for awhile and try again when she's calm. She would need to stretch her limbs now and then.

4. Ava's body must feel snugly on my body and fit properly to avoid her wiggling out from the carrier. If I have a sore back or shoulder that means she is wiggled too much...

5.Both of her knees should be higher than her butt and her face shouldn't be covered by fabric.

6. Make sure her thighs are not wedged ...

7. Bouncing a bit or repositioning from time to time to make sure good blood circulation.(Esp around the legs) 

8. Now and again, I will stop and check positioning in the mirror. (and also to admire how cool it is to be babywearing my baby)

9. Tweaking(or adjusting the waist-pad) to ensure the correct positioning on the carrier towards me and Ava to prevent any shoulder and hip strain.

10. Get help when needed especially for back carry or trying new type of carrier.

11.I always remind myself to watch my step and not to run or rush. Also need to watch people around me if they are running. 

12.Make sure I am in a good health when I need to baby wearing Ava.

13. Avoid bumping Ava into counters and doorways. And peoples elbow or thing that they are carrying. 

14.A good body posture is important when carrying a baby/toddler, you don't want your back to hunch in the future..

15. Before donning your carrier, it is always good to admire it... and also to check if there is any wear and tear.

16. Don't drink and drive...don't wear your baby under the influence of alcohol...

17. Try to wear comfortable footwear...

18. Stiletto - both on the feet and on the hand is a no-no...well if you just stand for a photo shoot stiletto would be okay, i guess.

Dual function, can be used as a nursing cover too!!

There is no safer place for baby to be than snuggle up right against mom or dad's chest.
Babywearing is not just a mean of handling a child. It's a statement of passion. It is an expression of love. You carry that child so that she can explore the horizon and knowing that she's still be safe under the constant care and attention of their caregivers.  

Happy Babywearing Week to all Babywearers around the globe!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Giggling Baby Ava & Mommy..

Giveaway at iHaveADream Creation!!

I have been following her blog for quite sometimes and I must admit, I adores her passion on creating amazing beautiful photos artwork!
iHaveADream Creation is organizing a giveaways till this end of November.
Simply visit her BLOG to read details on how to participate the giveaways.
Send up your photos(which tells any of your Love Story) and you might be next on the line to receive great prices from Nancy !!

                                                                                          Courtesy from iHaveADream

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Butterfly My Butterfly....

 After patiently waiting for a week in a half, my new SSC is finally arrived and I am so so excited!!(Ok,sue me on my craziness towards adorable carriers !! lol!!)  

It is the standard Kanga XT SSC for a toddler. 
Precaution : Using high heels is strictly prohibited whilst baby-wearing
This is only for the action photo shoots.

I am so loving the purple straps and the butterflies print on top of the body panel!!The matching of the color straps and the print are likely present my "nearly true personality";).. 
Ohh...not to mention the beautiful butterfly applique at the head rest!(But I still admire Fazian Bird appliques the most!)
The waistband is comfy yet supportive enough. Thou the strap is not as padded as my Patapum SSC, I didn't experienced any shoulder strained even  after carried Ava for almost 1 hour at the groceries store.It feels very lightweight. She even fell asleep on most of the time.

I am glad Ava also love her new carrier as mommy loves it a lot! The design of the carrier is very much making her bum bum placed/sitting properly inside of it. 

Front carry, no question about it!Comfy,comfy and comfy!! 

Sabar jak la Flo watching and listening his dear wife possessing  non-stop about the newly arrived.....

Am I Stashified already??
I cannot verify on that but one thing for sure, I am so in loved with my Kanga XT!!! 

p/s : I am so glad Brenda got this for me before it got snatched from other great mamas out there!!  

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