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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Friday, January 29, 2010

Upcoming Wedding..What to wear?

http://www.emocutez.comWe'll be attending a wedding on this weekend. ( Hubby's friend )
Two more days before the wedding,  I just realized I don't have anything to wear. All my nursing  tops  doesn't really make it discreet when Ava's nursing in public. Last time,during Chua and Viviens' wedding, I had to find a decent place to nursed Ava since my outfit didn't really manage to cover "me", so I kept on walking in and out from the hotel ballroom whenever Ava wanted to nurse.
This time I decided to stay on my table during Ava's nursing time, no more walking out and about, I don't want to miss anything! So the last few days I was browsing through fabulousmom.com website (Yes, I did an online shopping again..)and  found out that they are having a 20% to 70% sale on nursing tops.
Yess!! Indeed it's a coincidence. I chose to get a Sequins Dark Pink sleeve top, it's simple yet very chick to wear as a wedding dinner outfit.  The front double layer to access the nursing slits at the sides makes it easier to breastfeed in discreet without showing any unwanted skin exposé .
Doesn't these looks nice for a nursing tops?

I bought it "on the dot" and requested to send it before Friday.
It was a prompt delivery. I received the parcel by Thursday noon.
( bought it on Wednesday).
The top is as good as in the picture (What you see is what you get.)!!It's a stretchable fabric and very comfortable to wear plus I don't spend too much on the price. Usually for a breastfeed outfit it can cost up to RM100++.

Looking forward to attend the wedding and  hopefully Carol and Tony will be bringing their baby's as well!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to resist?! I confess I'm an addict.....

It seemed I cannot put my hands off from the keyboard button and computer mouse without entering online stores and clicking the"CHECKOUT" item most of  the time . I blamed it to the "Diaperswap Forum" ;) and others mummy's blog ( which in a good way of course) for my addiction. Every mommies from those forum were cloth diapering addicts and have lots of tips to be shared. One of the tips was, "Fitted diaper is usually good for a night time diapering". Ava actually still haven't reach the phase where she wake up soak with her urine but this is another good reason to add up my cloth diaper stash..;). Thanks for all the posts( forum and blogs) which makes me "super excited"  to get one of those type of diaper.
I ends up buying one diaper cover( Flowery Red print)since I don't have one, a Super Soaker fitted diaper
( Hula Girl Blue ) from Lildanzell.com and a fitted Bella Bottom ( color stripe) from Babysashanmom.com.
Haven't try it on Ava yet ( need to be pre washed) so cannot give any reviews on how good they are and of course.... the prints are gorgeous!!
Bella Bottom had been given many excellent reviews at Diaperpin.com and this diaper must be worth every penny.

That's Ava head!!She's trying to reach the camera!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Meal...Happy Heinys

     You might wondering why I have so many of Happy Heinys brand cloth diaper? The reason is, I cannot resist the temptation on getting  their printed cd!! I loved printed cloth diapers and this is one of the cloth diaper brand from United States which is affordable. The cute prints keep me happy just by looking at it..haha.
Not only HH cd is beautiful but well functioning too!! There was one time when I didn't have a chance to change Ava diaper and only got the hand of it at 2 a.m (unchanged from 1p.m), I was terrified it would be soaking wet but surprisingly, there was only a slight of dampness on top of the fleece and her bottom was still dry..phewww!!
The custom milled fleece is soft to touch and even after washing  it so many times, the fleece stay soft. ( but not as soft as the first time you got it from the package ) I still consider the fleece is soft compare to Bum Genius fleece. (BumG is still on my top list, nonetheless!). It comes with 2 microfiber insert. Don't like the insert quite much though, I always stuffed on BumGenius or hemp insert in my Happy Heinys, it absorb more. So far I have not yet experience any leaks with this brand even.

Even Ava also love her Happy Heinys printed cds!!
"Mommy nature's call!!!!"
"let me see which one should I change to.!!???
"aha..got it...mommy can you help me with this one?"
"Why the florescent color?"
"It is night already and I am going to do some crawling before bed. You know for safety reasons"

All in all,
I love my Happy Heinys!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Babies Night Out"

Last Sunday, we had a gathering with Anastasia and others at Zaika restaurant in celebrating her birthday in advance together with Daniel, didn't get a chance to have pictures taken but there were a few wonderful pics during that event at Anas's blog. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday to Anastasia!! her actual birthday was yesterday.
Last night, we have another gathering with our best pals along with their cute babies at Double Star restaurant and proceed to hang out at Yaw Tzong and Yin Hui place.
Here are some of the pictures taken last night.

Daddys' Duty
Look at the babies they hardly can stay still.
(Ava: Reixin are we going to your house latter? Reixin : Yeah, mommy lets go back now!!!
Zoey: I wonder if i can reach for the plates, mommy is laughing with her eyes all squished out, she wouldn't notice, heheheh)
Even mommies had lots of fun chit chatting and laughed out loud!!

Reixin : What mommy, I have to share my toys, Okay.
Ava : Auntie thanks. Reixin : Zoey and Ava you can play with my toys. Zoey: Yahoo..

Ava : I wonder how do you play with these toys, I don't have these types at home.

Zoey : Mommy let me down I want to play with Ava.
Ava : How to take out this ducky.. i bet they taste delicious...

 Reixin : Ava lets read together.
 Ava: What is that one?
Reixin : its ABC..

Ava : Reixin, I dont want to read anymore, I want to play pillow fight.
 Daddy : Ava play nicely !!! No scratching no biting no grabbing!! Sayang-sayang only..

Reixin : Okay Ava you read this one; I want to talk to my mommy first..

Ava: Three Little piglets were cooking yumn!!yumn!!! and we have charsiew and roasted pork!!!

 Father of the Year

" I am so cute" 

Reixin : Uncle can you read for us.
Ava: Reixin he will make you fall asleep with his reading (Boring!!!), Why don't we read together.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"A priceless treasure to be kept"

I  found something which I didn't expect I would find it at the rare area.
My heart was beating faster when I saw it, was that what I thought it would be?
"Am I dreaming? Is this real?I can't believe myself finally gotta chance to have it!!!The most miraculous thing is, I only have to pay  less than 5 bucks !!! Oh I love everything  about it!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giving up?No way!!

Last night, while hubby and I were having some sort of candlelight dinner and Ava was playing at her big playpen ( her big playpen is a queen mattress which are barricaded  by the L-couch and small cabinet, place right at the centre of the living room.It looks just like a small island surrounding with mountains.;).)
We were seated across the couch and watched  Ava doing her best to stand up. She kept on reaching her hand on the couch seat to support her standing. This practice had been going on for quite some times after she finally mastered her sitting and crawling skill.
The next thing we knew, after so many error attempts, she let go both of her little hand from the couch seat and stand up on her two feet for 2 seconds!
She tried again on the next attempt and this time hubby cannot control his excitement, he clapped his hands to give praises, the little girl who's also getting too excited with the sound of clapping fell down on the mattress just half way she tried to stand up followed up with a big giggle. I bet she knew that she already made it!

Watching Ava everyday  trying her best to crawl, to sit, to stand up, to figure out what happen on her surrounding without ever thinking on giving up makes me realize on something,
"Why do I have to give up on certain things I do in my life, and just let it passed without a closure?"
We always feel want to give up but let's not forget, baby never give up (there is no mistake or error in their vocabulary only baby steps which will bring the walking upright on their own two feet), we should follow their example.
Try to be innocent like a baby who don't understand what is the meaning of giving up and probably one day you / I will realize, that  is a key to become a successfully grown up person. (In life challenging moment think "baby steps" you can never go wrong).

Look mommy, I am surrrfffing......

Monday, January 18, 2010


I know.......probably I am the last woman on the earth who just watched this movie.
By the time I was looking forward to watch Twilight, "New Moon" the 2nd saga of Twilight is already in the cinema, ..( still haven't watch it yet, have to wait for the original DVD out ).

Initially I was searching for the paperback but there were no where to be found in town. I asked Popular and they are on the way to re-stock the item. I really cannot wait for the paperback to arrive so I went to buy the DVD, luckily there're some left at the SPEEDY.

Watched the movie last night when Ava was sleeping and guess what...I found the story line was very simple, no extraordinary scene which amazed me but...............I fall in love with the vampire ( Edward Cullen ), if I am a teenager, this is the man of my dream !!!grrrrrrrr  ;p hahahaha, silly me....

Mysterious, unpredictable  and forbidden love  ...everything about this Edward Cullen character energize and make me feel lively like a teenager. "You know", those were the time when you have all the silly dreams and fantasy. Head over heel kind of love.
Forget for awhile that I am a mother of one and it will be months before i say goodbye to my twenties.
Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson)..you are truly something!

By the way, in real life, I don't think I wanted to have a vampire( even as handsome as Edward ) staring and looking at me while  I am sleeping ...Freaky!!!!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

My Babywearing & Cloth-Diapering mania!!!

As you all can read at my profile I put myself as a cloth diapering and baby wearing craze. Indeed I am, guilty as charged!!

So far I have few pieces of cloth diapers  in various colors, prints and also brands.  Recently, I caught a "BIG SALE" from of a few e-stores and therefore my cloth diaper stash had grow abruptly. I need to do a head count (or rather bum count) of how many CD i've got, some of them are still coming, some in the laundry basket, some in the dryer, some nicely folded in Ava's drawer. They are all over the place!!!need to count them again.!!!

 My baby wearing interest also start very humbly. Starting from only having a ring sling and a pouch during my confinement turns into getting another ring sling, another pouch,a Baby Bjorn SSC, a Mei Tai, a wrap and currently I just received my very own Jumpsac SSC.

All with good reason, there's a reason why I bought those at that sequence. In my defense, this is not an impulsive buying.

So far, I've been 100%  cloth diapering converter, except during last Christmas when we had a trip to Bundu Tuhan Ranau (my hometown), we had to put Ava on fully disposable because it's "a winter season at Bundu Tuhan", plus we don't have washing machine.

Cloth diapering is great, especially when I had a realization that the disposable is ruining our mother earth. (A disposable diaper may take up to 500 years to decompose!! )

Easy to handle,reusable, chicks style and therapeutic (the color, the prints, the design plus the waterproof layer ...it makes me happy to "get my hands" all those CDs.)
Baby wearing Ava is the only way to get her to sleep easily and less crying. To get me motivate to carry her often, I tried different type of baby wearing which some of it have various kind of  pretty prints and can actually support your back from aching when carrying a baby.
So here I am, blogging while digging in various cloth-diapering and babywearing websites. I am on my lookout for Chinese New year big sales, one can never be to early to hunt for sales. Online window shopping is so exciting, I just never get bored reading the sites and comparing sites.
I will be posting more on my experiences on cd-ing and baby wearing with my little Ava.
For a new mommy like me, baby wearing makes me feel confident to care for my little one and changing diaper is no longer a chores, it's like a playing dressing up and you get to do it every so often.

And if you have to carry your baby why not make it a fashion statement, with the colorful print on your baby bum and also the to die for carrier design.

 Carried Ava with the Snugg Mei Tai..
This is not the correct way to do a front carry a baby in a Mei Tai.
I supposed to put her higher until Ava's head parallel with my neck and can kiss easily on top off her head.

Ava with her Happy Heinys. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



1. We don't know what we're actually doing.
2. Get tired of all the things.
3. We aren't good enough.
4. Want to run away from everything!!
5. Want to detoxify.
6. Want to have and grab everything even it is within our reach!!
7. Just want to have a straight 12hrs of sleep.
8. Desperately want to have the telepathy ability.
9. Want a  truly a Zen environment.
10.Want an affirmation from others.

That's why even a little bit of prayer everyday will make a difference in  making us humble just the way we are...

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Mummy and Ava"...

This month, you'll be expecting so many photos from the last X'MAS...
Let the pictures tell the story and the unbounded loves!!



Sunday, January 10, 2010

"She Turned Six !!!"

Already turning 6 months for this month, so far she had been able to :

1. Experimenting her vocal. Babbling from the lower tune until the high pitch tune.
Among the sounds which I caught her babbling are : Ba-ba-ba-ba, ma-ma-ma-ma, grrrrr-grrrr-grrrrr, zzzz-zzzzz, nyam-nyam-nyam, ouuuu-ouuu-ouuu, nen-nen-nen and da-da-da,...
Sometimes I can't tell either she's not uncomfortable or just playfully screaming her lung out.
2. She can crawls on four.
3. Able to sit on her own for a few period of time and can sit longer with support. During this time , she always try to sit on her own when playing with her toys.
4. Standing up with support. Her motivation is trying to reach for things on the couch.
Especially on tv remote control.
Better grab the rattle first, it's nearer to my other hand.

Mommy let me help you fold the cloths ya !!!..

5. Knows very well how to demands for her need.
6. Start her 1st solid.
7. She is starting to have preference on who she wants to be with and of course the 1st person she always asking  to be carry is me.
8. She is definitely loves the sound of splashing water when she plays in the water with her hands and legs. But when it's come to put on her pj and diaper she would try to run away from it. ( Mummy and daddy often have to struggle to cope with her on this part. )

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Fresh Start...

I had been inspired by a few blogger to change my blog layout.
Hoping this will be the fresh start for this year.
Resolutions had been made and I hope we ( hubby and I) will be able to do it even if it just a small starting..

Starting Solid!!

As usual, when we become the newly parent we tend to get excited in everything that our baby experienced for the first time.
On Ava's 6 months 5 days old at 6th January 2010, was to be the 1st time she started eating solid food. The menu was"grinded brown rice". Hubby and I were both excited and as for me, I can't help of feeling a little sad that she's taken the first steps towards weaning. But solid would not be the replacement for breastfeeding..this will  only be as a supplement till she's reaching 1 year old. :)

On the first attempt, she already know how to put it inside her mouth.

She felt it was a bit hard to aim on the spoon with her mouth alone so she used her hand to guide the spoon (actually it is more to grab the spoon).

Apparently she's getting more excited with the spoon than the food.

Didn't want to take it out from her mouth..hubby was trying to pull back the spoon but she refused to let go of it..look at that cunning face.

2nd attempt on eating solids. The rice cereal smeared all over her mouth and bibs.

Look at me..Am I the cutest thing you have ever seen??hahaha..

The face of a proud daddy..
Ava : "Mummy, forget about taking picture, I want my spooonnn!!"

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